Best STP Packers for Trans men

The article is about the Best STP Packers For Trans men. We only discuss which packer is realistic & best for you. Today we would like to share the ways How to buy a FTM STP Packer or Axolom STP Packing Underwear. Most people don’t know about 3-in-1 STP Packers. For that, we made an informative article.

We know the importance of coming out as a trans man to our family and friends. The article may be informative and essential for them. Learn How to come out as a trans man. Some guys may be interested to know about FTM Beard Growth. Trans guys are also finding good quality Pack N Play Packers, For them, they can read Best Erect Packers For Trans Guys. Alternatively, you can choose the STP Device. We shared a different STP device whose name is Spouti Urinary Aid.

Best STP Packers for Trans Men

best stp packers for trans men

An STP Packer can be Adhesive or non-Adhesive. Adhesive STP Packers are different than non-adhesive STP. Adhesive STP packers can be used without harnesses and underwear. It’s easy and simple.

There are three types of STP packers we discuss.
1: Cheap STP Packers
2: Standard STP Packers
3: Premium STP Packers

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Why do we recommend cheap STP packers?

There are some STP Prosthetics companies that made cheap STP packers because not everyone can bear the cost of standard & expensive STP packers. We have listed the best Stand to pee prosthetics.

Usually, everyone knows that the standard STP packer’s price starts from 158$ & expensive STP packer’s price starts from 300$.  But the cheap STP packer price starts from 10$ or 15$. Depend on the website where you brought the STP prosthetics.

Do you want to buy more accessories such as chest binders, binding tape, ftm packers, stand to pee prosthetics, then you can check our Trans LGBTQ Shop. We shared all the essential products on a page. Top surgery is a goal and you may need the article: The Ultimate Goal of Trans is Top Surgery.

How long have we used cheap STP packers?

Basically, a beginner trans man thinks about how long they can use a cheap STP packer or how it gives comfort. It is hard to say but you can use it for 1-3 years easily. Depend on uses & care.

Some Trans guys are looking for FTM Packers. We listed the best FTM Packers in one article. We hope they will get their packing gear. This Penis prosthetics will be beneficial for t life.

Here are some cheap STP packers which we recommend for buying. Do you want to know all the STP brands? If yes, then click here to read: All Transgender STP Packer Brands, harness and brief.

The Best STP Packer Company Includes:

  • Axolom Prosthetics
  • Prosthesis Man Club
  • Mrimin Prosthetics
  • Emisil Prosthetics
  • Reelmagik Prosthetics
  • Transguysupply Prosthetics
  • Transthetics Prosthetics
  • Early2Bed Prosthetics

The Best STP Packing Underwears Company Includes:

  • Rodeoh Packing Underwears
  • Axolom Packing Underwears
  • Mrimin Packing Underwears
  • Peecock Packing Underwears
  • Transguysupply Packing Underwears

Top Selling Best STP Packers

  • Mrimin Realistic FTM Packer – 97$
  • Axolom Thinker – 59$
  • Axolom Handy – 79$
  • Mrimin Ultra Realistic – 213$
  • Mrimin Ultra Realistic – 249$
  • Transguysupply Lau STP – 50$

Best Packing Underwear For Stand to Pee Packer

  1. Axolom O Ring STP Underwears
  2. Transguysupply Cake Bandit Button Underwear
  3. Rodeoh STP Underwear
  4. Peecock O Ring Boxer Brief, Button Fly

When we started the blog, we thought to review STP packers and underwear. But most of the brands aren’t ready to send us. It’s because of regional issues and some refused us because of non-native. Some brands hurt us badly. We don’t share their names or anything. We only want to feature brands that are very trans-friendly and make budget-friendly products. We used some products and shared our reviews on Product Reviews Page. The Penis prosthetics are used by the translgbtq website admin.

Cheap STP Packers

Companies like Transguysupply, Mrimin, and Axolom supply good quality STP packers and play for trans guys. We would to share the cheap STP packers that have good quality and a realistic feeling. The Penis prosthetics will be affordable for almost all trans guys.

FTM Packing underwear is also an essential part of wearing a packer. Mostly trans men can’t buy harnesses or underwear due to insufficient budget. If you feel you need a cheap packing underwear FTM, then you can follow the Cheap Packing Underwear & Harness

Mrimin Penis Prosthetics

Mrimin Basic 1 STP Packer

mrimin stp packers

Mrimin Prosthetics provides good quality STP packers among trans guys and non-binary people. The basic 1 of Mrimin Prosthetics is quite a cheap stand to pee prosthetics and it’s good for a transgender. The price is 17$. The quality of Mrimin packers is good for regular use and budget-friendly. For more pictures, you may check the buy now link. Using the ” TransLGBTQ ” this code you can get a 5% discount.

Mrimin Basic 3 STP Packer

mrimin compact stp packer

The basic 3 STP packer of mrimin prosthetics in 2in 1 STP packer means you will only be able to stand to pee and pack. You can’t use this packer for play or sexual intercourse. The price is 20$ and this product looks similar to emisil compact STP packer though both have their quality. This pricing is affordable and it’s easy for packing. Check out this now.

Mrimin 3in 1 STP Packer

Mrimin 3in 1 STP Packer

Mrimin Prosthetics provides cheap STP packers at affordable pricing. This packer cost is only 36$. They also offer free shipping for some locations. This STP packer has a pleasure rod that you can use for play. This is the best STP packer for the trans guys who haven’t much budget for a packer. We are trying to find these packers that are affordable and have good quality. You can able to pee and play by using these STP prosthetics. Check out this now. Using the ” TransLGBTQ ” this code you can get a 5% discount.

Mrimin Ultra Realistic STP Prosthetics

Mrimin Ultra Realistic STP Prosthetics

This ultra-realistic prosthetic is a cheap stand to pee packer of Mrimin. They supply super realistic products at good pricing. The price of an ultra-realistic STP packer is 60$. This is good for the trans guys who are discovering realistic packers under 60$. This packer is super soft. Using “TransLGBTQ” you may get a 5% discount. Check out this instantly.

This FTM prosthetic is very soft and good for peeing and packing. The best thing is the price is 60$. It’s hard to get a very realistic STP packer for under 60$. We understand that you may feel It’s cheap but no. It has good quality and It’s a comfortable body product. Mrimin STP Packer looks realistic and affordable.

This packer STP looks realistic. The Mrimin STP Packer is known as a realistic STP packer. This is also a cheap Packer FTM. The price is 97$. This is a 3-in-1 STP packer. You can check more pictures. Free shipping is also available for a few locations. Check this now.

For these 3-in-1 Packers or Ftm Packers or Mrimin STP Packer, you may need ftm packing underwear. Mrimin launched some packing underwear for users.

Mrimin FTM Packing Harness


Mrimin FTM Packing Button Underwear


Adhesive STP Packers

Adhesive STP packer is called Silicone prosthetics that are assembled to the skin of a human’s body. It feels like you already have the organ without any surgery. It is like something that brings or feels happiness.

This is an adhesive STP packer that you can use after metoidioplasty surgery. It is also for the person who likes adhesive FTM packers. The texture looks like a real penis. This is also a cheap FTM packer. The price is 106$. This is a very realistic FTM packer. You can check the pictures for a better look.

This is an ftm adhesive STP packer. A person who doesn’t like an artificial scrotum may help them. It is also using of post-meta. It is a helpful Product. It includes standing to pee. We don’t suggest it for play. It’s so soft. It is a handmade product. The skin texture or vein is clearly painted. You will love this one. Check out for more pictures. Use ” TransLGBTQ” for a 5% discount.

#TransGuySupply FTM STP Packers

The Lou STP Packer

the lou stp packer

The most favorite best STP packer under 50$. The product makes with 100% safe silicone & the comfort is amazing. The length is 3.5-4 inches. This FTM Packer is cheap. The price is 45$. You may search youtube for more reviews & everyone including us recommends the lou STP packer because the price is good for trans youth. Anyone can afford Penis prosthetics.

STP Freely XL

STP Freely XL packer

We just love the product because of Its sizing & quality. If you need an STP packer whose size is 5′, then this stp freely xl Penis prosthetics can be right for you. It is made with 100% safe silicone & affordable pricing. We brought this product personally. We shared a review. Check out: Transguysupply XL STP Packer Review

STP Freely XL Rod

STP Freely XL Packer rod

STP Freely

stp packer freely

As a beginner, the STP freely is a perfect size. It has 4′ inches & made by transguysupply. If you looking for STP Packer 4′ inches, then it is the best stand-to pee packer. Anyone can afford it. You may buy stp packer freely xl rod for masturbation or sex. So, we add this in our best stp packers for trans men.

For Transguysupply STP Packers, you can use Mrimin packing underwear or transguysupply packing underwear. Here is some Transguysupply Packing underwear.

FTM harness

cake bandit ftm harness

How to Clean an STP Packer:
Silicone may be cleaned using any one of the following methods:
– Hot water and soap
– Diluted bleach
– Running through the dishwasher

AXOLOM Prosthetics

Axolom provides the best quality full STP packers for trans guys. They are very supportive and they made it with love and care. It’s a new company that started the business at the end of 2020. They provide the best quality with affordable pricing. The Penis prosthetics look very realistic. We suggest the three products for your purchase. They provide 3in1 STP packers for trans and FTM packers for trans guys.

AXOLOM Monsieur Wiggle Soft FTM Packer

Axolom Adhesive STP packers

There are two versions available for AXOLOM Monsieur Wiggle Soft FTM Packer. The packer is very soft and realistic. The two versions of STP packer are cut and uncut. The price is 49$.

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

3in1 Thinker STP Packer

Thinker STP Packer is the best as 3in 1 STP packer and cheap STP packer under 60$. We recommend it because we have personally tested their quality. The cup size is small but that doesn’t leak pee. We are very satisfied with their quantity and customer service. The price is 59$. We have personally tested the product and shared a review. Check out: Axolom Thinker STP Packer review

Knight 3-IN-1 STP Packer with Pleasure Edges

5. Knight 3-IN-1 STP Packer with Pleasure Edges

The Knight is a circumcised FTM STP stand-to-pee ) with no-spill lips and pleasure ridges. The price is 79$(Offer price) for now. The original price is 135$. They provide worldwide shipping.

AXOLOM Astro 3-IN-1 STP With Pleasure Ridges

AXOLOM Astro 3-IN-1 best STP packer With Pleasure Ridges

Astro is an uncircumcised stand-to-pee with no-spill lips. It has very detailed veins and folds, pleasure ridges, and gives a decent buldge. Its large cup has curved edges that sit comfortably against the body when comes time to empty one’s bladder. It is also very flexible and easy to wash (it is possible to flip the cup inside out to do so). The price is 75$.

AXOLOM Handy 3 IN 1 Liquid Silicone Best STP Packer

Handy is perfect for those who are new to FTM STP. It is circumcised, comes with no-spill lips, and has a long and slender cup. Moreover, it has detailed veins and small balls, but it overall gives a good buldge. It is also very flexible and easy to wash (it is possible to flip the cup inside out to do so). The “Handy” model does not come with pleasure ridges. The price is 79$.

Axolom O Ring STP Packing Underwear

Axolom has launched its FTM packing underwear for stand-to pee. With this underwear, you will be able to pee in front of the toilets. They released three FTM packing underwear. The price is 15$-16$ only. It is very budget-friendly.

axolom o ring STP FTM packing underwear

Axolom FTM packing underwear for STP packer

FTM packing underwear Axolom

We highly recommend this packing underwear for ftm trans guys. It gives us the better and more comfortable day that we wish for. We have tested the products personally and Let’s share some of our images.

Note for first-time users, we strongly recommend that you practice in the shower before attempting to use it in public. Even if you have had success with other STPs in the past, every STP is different and requires some getting used to. 

Sport STP

Sport STP packer

One of the best stand to pee packers for daily life. The users recommend the FTM prosthetics for regular life. It is made of 100% safe silicone.

The small balls on the SPORT eliminate much of the bulk of a standard STP. The SPORT also has a shorter and less bulky receptacle cup which may take a little more practice for some.

The SPORT has a powder-soft finish. The outer silicone ‘skin’ has a clean, soft matte texture. Designed to help reduce chafing and remove tacky silicone feel. 

– Shaft Length: 4″ – 10.1 cm.
– Width: 1.25″ – 3.2 cm.
– Height (from below balls to the top of shaft): 3.5″ – 8.9 cm

Sam STP Packer

It is the highest-ordering STP packer and when we research on youtube, we got very positive reviews from users. The length is 5.5 inches. The packer is soft, and it’s safe for your body. You can use it regularly. Sam STP device is one of the best-selling products. You can check youtube for more reviews. Check it out.

Sam STP packer

Packer Gear STP

ftm gear stp packer

This STP prosthetic is the cheapest stp packer. This is also known as a basic STP packer. It was the first invented packer for ftm trans guys. The price is 12-15$. Check out this.

Finally, a low-cost silicone STP.  The Packer Gear STP is the newest STP on the market and easily the most affordable.

It should be noted that the walls of this device are thin but on the firmer side. As a result, this STP is not great for packing. The quality is nowhere near that of the other silicone STP models we offer.

It is, however, one of the easier STPs to learn with. With a large bowl and a wide hollow shaft, it does not require any flow restriction. This fact, coupled with its low price makes it an excellent choice for a beginner. If you are curious about standing to pee but aren’t sure it’s right for you, this is a good entry-level device. 

– Shaft Length: 4.5″ – 11.4 cm.
– Shaft Diameter: 1.5″ – 3.8 cm.

* A note for first-time users, we strongly recommend that you practice in the shower before attempting to use it in public. Even if you have had success with other STPs in the past, every STP is different and requires some getting used to. 

Now, we discuss the stranded & also good STP packers. The STP packers are great in this budget. Let’s discuss the products.

Check out – TransLGBTQ Shop

Standard STP Packers

Mrimin Ultra Realistic STP Devices

We think this is a super ultra-realistic FTM packer for a pee, play, and pack. The packer is soft and the most important thing is the look is like a realistic penis prosthetic. It means the bottom dysphoria can be gone through Mrimin STP Packer. The price is 213$ and if you need any discount, you can use “TRANSLGBTQ” for a 5% discount. There is no information about Its length. According to our knowledge, the length may be 4.8-6 inches. Check for more pictures.

Mrimin STP Packer

This STP prosthetic looks like a real penis. If you ask us which mrimin STP packer should we buy? Then we’ll suggest this. Not because of the price but because of Its quality. The cup size is good for pee. When you would like to urinate in public toilets, you may not face leak issues. But of course, you need lots of practice. The price is 249$. For more images, you can check out the below link.

Transthetics EZP STP Packer

Transthetics EZP Penis prosthetics is a good packer for whom find medium or standard quality. The EZP FTM STP packer is very realistic, soft, and easy to use. Comforts for use all day. The user’s review is average. This is a realistic packer & okay for a stand to pee. EZP STP packer is made by a trans man and shares his review on the below link. You can check this out.

Now Let’s talk about the premium STP packers that you will love mostly & use regularly with confidence. All recommendations are given by research.

Premium STP Prosthetics

Mrimin, Emisil, Reelmagik, freetom & also some company provides premium FTM STP Penis prosthetics priced between 350$-800$. We will share the product details below within some days. If you are beginning of FTM journey, then you should read an article which is about 10 essential products for trans men.

EMISIL Goldfinger STP Packer

Emisil is one of the best companies for providing premium and the best Penis prosthetics among trans youth. There are various reviews on youtube regarding Emisil FTM STP packer review. Here we will detail two STP packers that we recommended for users.

We have shared one of the best Penis prosthetics: EMISIL Goldfinger STP Packer review. We recommend it to users who can afford and find a realistic STP PACKER.

As a beginner, you should read about binders & they may help you at the beginning of your journey. Best of luck to you. If you have any experience with the STP packers, you can share by commenting on us.

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