About us

Trans LGBTQ is a blogging website that specially made for transgender male and female. We love to write informative, educational, product reviews, surgeries, funding solutions, alternative ways to earn money for surgery and life, surgeons experience, mission of life, removal dysphoria, and so many things. This blog is handled by some trans guys.

The word ” LGBTQ” is an umbrella term. It makes us to believe the different types of people living in the world and struggling every each seconds.

  • L = Lesbian
  • G = Gay
  • B = Bisexual
  • T = Transgender
  • Q = Queer

Products reviews that we published are true and confident. We provide paid partnerships but won’t give fake reviews regarding any products.

We would love to inspire other transgender persons to build a blog. On the other hand, companies and transgender people can collebration with us. We would love to hear from you.

About Piyash

I’m an author, a transman, a freelancer, started the blog since 2019. I started the blog for helping the transgender community. By now I’m helping them by my articles. I love to open a feature of donation box in the future.

I’m a digital marketer, web designer, SEO Expert, Content writer. This website is helping me to reach with new and senior transgender persons by posts. I’m personally take the site as part time. As I said, I’m a digital marketer, I work in upwork from 2019 and this is the biggest life changing part of my life.

Collaborate us?

Send us a email – [email protected]

Donate us?

We are a small trans owned bloggers. We would love to get donations. By this way, we can build the community to small to bigger. For donations, you can send us a email and tell the donation amount. We’ll contact you through email chat.

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