Axolom Handy STP Packer Review: Stand To Pee Prosthetics

Most of the STP packer is not made in the right direction. Some packers are very hard and some packer is so soft that It’s unable to pee. So, we need to choose the right FTM STP packer. We think Axolom Handy can be perfect for almost all the trans guys who find 6 – 7 inch packers.

Intro: Handy STP Packer

Axolom Handy

Handy is a model name of a stand to pee prosthetics of Axolom. It is the most selling FTM STP packer of Axolom. It is a big version of Axolom Thinker STP packer. But it hasn’t pleasure ridges. It can’t be wrong to say It’s a Standard STP packer at a cheap price.

We(Trans LGBTQ) guys were really interested to check out the handy’s quality and also negative sides. We got this FTM packer in June. We have been using axolom thinker for almost a year. It’s because it’s good for urination, play and even masturbation. We thought we need to check Handy’s quality before we declared It was good for us.

Handy is a 3-in-1 STP packer. It can be used for standing to pee, play, and packing all day. The height is near 7 inches. The texture is okay. We know It’s really important to have an FTM STP packer for transgender men. Sometimes we can’t use public toilets without an STP packer.

Packing Guide:

1. If you use a Handy STP packer as a packing device, then you can use axolom packing underwear. It’s good but we suggest their O-Ring Boxers. Because it gives three options – stand to pee, play and use as a packer all day. However, It’s up to you.

Axolom Handy & Pleasure Rod

2. If you like to wear with FTM harness, then you can use peecock harness or transguysupply harness, It’s good for it. Though axolom hasn’t launched any FTM harness right now, you can use these harnesses. You can use other STP packers as well.

3. If you would like to do sexual intercourse, you need to buy a Peecock Play Harness. I think It’s best for having good sex.

We have reviewed few FTM STP packers. Would you like to read Axolom Thinker, Emisil GoldFinger STP, Peecock GenX, Transguysupply XL STP packer? We would love to share more reviews for your help. These reviews aren’t paid. We want to help as much as we can. We will update some chest binders reviews.

Axolom Handy is one of the good quality under 79$. Pleasure rod near 25$-30$. In this budget Axolom giving us a good STP packer. As a stand to pee prosthetic, we give a 4.7★ rating out of 5. Let’s discuss the positive sides and negative sides.

FTM Packer Reviews -STP

Positive Review:

  • Because the 7 inch STP packer can control overflow.
  • Good sexual satisfaction
  • The texture is good but not better than Axolom Thinker.
  • Good for Packing
  • The funnel or hole is perfect
  • The scrotum looks real
  • The pleasure rod can fully inserted.
  • The STP device looks realistic.

Negative Reviews:

There are very few negative reviews but It’s actually depending on person to person.

  • Because of its Large size, sometimes it feels uncomfortable.

Someone trans guys may have itching issues during the time of using an STP packer as I faced. I haven’t faced for Handy STP. I faced the issue when I start using the STP packer. If you have an itching issue, you can use Johnson baby power ( It’s very safe) or any itching cream which have good reviews.

Packing Underwears For Handy STP

Axolom launched their FTM packing underwear for us. The packing underwear is good for standing to pee and packing. The two underwears are good for STP. One pair of underwear has two colours. Price is very cheap. The price is 13-18$.

Axolom Packing STP Underwear

axolom o ring STP FTM packing underwear

Which colour is your favourite?

Axolom O Ring V-Shape STP Underwear

FTM packing underwear Axolom

How to buy Axolom Handy STP packer?

Axolom packer provides the model of Handy STP packer in their store. To buy it, click here HANDY STP packer.

How to wash STP Packer?

There are some different ways based on product material. Axolom company suggest very easy ways for washing an STP packer. Here we listed the ways:

  • Boil 2-5 minutes once a month or week.
  • Clean it with regular soap and water.
  • Keep it dry.
  • For Quick day, you can use a towel or dry clothes.

FTM Sexual Intercourse

As a trans guy, It’s really very very important for us. Sexual desire is a basic need for almost all adults. The sexual relationship makes us satisfied with our partner. But in case of your partner’s safety, we always remind you for using condoms during sex. It doesn’t lessen your happiness.

Do we recommend Axolom Handy STP?

Yes, we highly recommended this FTM STP packer. It’s good for using regularly. If you looking for a 6 – 7 inch STP packer, then this one is obviously right for you.

How to pee with STP packer?

We know It’s important to know how to use a packer or how to position a packer. We made a video on that. In this video, we used Axolom thinker STP.

How to pee with STP packer?

What is the price of Axolom Handy?

The price of a Handy STP packer is 79$. It’s a 3-in-1 STP packer ( Pee, Pack, Play).

Is Handy a realistic STP packer?

Yes, kind of. Axolom will release 30+ colours. When it comes online, you will get definitely a realistic STP packer from them.

How to use an STP packer?

Now It’s easy to use an STP packer by following some guidelines. To use a packer you must know which packing device you are using. If you using a soft FTM packer, then you can pack it with packing underwear. On the other hand, you can pack stand-to-pee prosthetics with axolom underwear.

Is Handy uncut STP packer?

No, Handy is a cut STP packer. You can try Axolom Thinker because it has two variants. Both cut and cut variants are available for Axolom Thinker. The thinker is one of the cheap STP packers for trans men.

How to wear an STP packer?

To wear an STP packer, you can use FTM harness, and packing underwear.

How to have sex with a STP packer?

Insert a pleasure rod inside it or use an erect STP packer, you can have sex as well. You can attach it with a Peecock Play Harness and wear it.

Is it a very large 7 inch STP packer?

Yes, a 7 inch STP packer is good for having sex but not good for packing. You can wear it all day because It feels uncomfortable.

How to stop your STP packer from overflowing?

Nothing can help you until you learned how to control your pee. Whenever you feel the pee can leak, you can simply hold it for a few seconds and then position or hold tightly your packer and release the pee or urination.

Thanks for reading the article. You might be interested to grow clitoris by DHT or pumping. It’s also an important thing for us. You can follow Clitoris Pump for buying purposes. On the other hand, we trans guys are really interested to know how to grow our FTM bread. Let’s know the little experience and research from us.

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