10 Essential Products for Trans man

When you thinking about starting your new journey as a transgender male or trans man, you are thinking to buy some products for you. Yes. You come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you.

As a trans beginner, you maybe think about hiding breast or maybe you are uncomfortable for the bottom part. Do you find 10 essential products for trans man? In this article, we recommend some essential products for a trans man. To buy any product, you can click on the picture. Then you will go to another website and can buy it.

10 Essential Products for Trans man

  1. Chest Binder
  2. STP Packer
  3. Pacing Underwear
  4. Stand to Pee prosthetics
  5. Cap
  6. Pride T-Shirt
  7. Trans man Flag
  8. Beard hair oil
  9. Harness & Masturabator
  10. Bind Tape

What is a trans man?

A person who birth in a female body and identified as male.

Trans man before after

What is Chest Binder?

Chest binder means hide breasts or flat chest. Maximum trans guys use binders regularly before top surgery. There are some best chest binders for trans guys. Our recommendation for two best chest binders is in the bellow,

Image Product Details   Price
NYTC_Long_Binder_2_1100x NYTC Long Chest Binder Color: White Check Price
NYTC_Mid_Binder_1_0b01191c-379a-4ecc-9e63-fbd373cae7ae_1100x NYTC Mid Chest Binder Color: White Check Price
underworks-binder-cotton-lined-black-975 Chest Binder: Cotton-Lined Black Color: Black Check Price

What is Stand to Pee prosthetics?

Stand to Pee prosthetics helps to stand your pee in the male toilet. It is similar to stp packer. but some stp packer is not working like Stand to Pee prosthetics. So, we recommended some best Stand to Pee prosthetics that are special for trans guys.

What is pacing undearwear?

Packing underwear is called short pants which helps to put stp packer or prosthetics device perfectly. If you buy any packer, then you must have to buy packing underwear. There is some best packing underwear that you can buy now.

What is STP Packer?

STP packer is a device or prosthetics which helps to stand pee in front of the male toilet. A transman feels very uncomfortable when they use male toilets in public places. So, trans man uses stp packer or prosthetics for the stand to pee and having sexual intercourse. There is some best stp packer for the trans man.

AXOLOM stp packers

What is cap?

There are many transgender men who can’t cut hair for family restrictions. So, they can use a cap for hiding their long hair. So, we mentioned a cap for their safety and for feeling comfortable.

What is Pride T-Shirt?

A transgender pride likes to use pride t-shirts a lot. There are some t-shirts that are unique and you can buy it.

What is Trans man Flag?

The transgender flag represents the real gender identity or visibility of a transgender. So, it is essential that we buy our pride flag. There is your transgender flag.

What is Beard hair oil?

Beard hair oil is one type of oil that helps to grow facial hair. Trans guys use it when they don’t get results of hair growth. There is some beard hair oil that you can buy it.

What is Scar Removal Oil?

Basically trans guys after taking top surgery use this scar removal oil to remove the scar. It is not essential for those who don’t do top surgery. The surgeon recommended some scar removal oil after top surgery.

Harness & Others

X-Small Pump

Buy Now

What is Bind Tape?

Binder tape is like a tape that helps to hide their breasts. Some transmen use it as transman swimwear. There are some binder tapes that you can buy. But it may harm your breast tissue. It’s better you can buy a chest binder instead of bind tape. Read the guideline about how you use bind tape safely

SMALL / 3 inch width
MEDIUM / 4 inch width

Buy these binding tape from transtape

This article may help you to buy some products that are essential for transgender guys. You may find about how to come out as a trans man to family and friends or how to start your journey.

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