Transguysupply XL STP Packer Review: STP Prosthetics

Have you reached our blog by searching ” Transguysupply STP PACKERS”? Yes? We know that. This article is specifically made for Transguysupply xl STP packer review. It is also called STP prosthetics.

There are some packers in Transguysupply. We have written some STP Prosthetics articles and included this product. In this article, we are going to review one of the Transguysupply products.

What is an STP packer?

The word “STP” means to stand to pee . The full meaning of STP packer is mentioning a silicone-made Stand to pee penis prosthetics that is used for urination, sex, and play.

What is Transguysupply XL STP Packer?

Free XL Packer is a model name of Transguysupply. This is a new STP packer. We aren’t sure about how many days are available in their store. Similarly, it is also called STP prosthetics which are actually used for urinating, playing, and packing. This is a 3in 1 STP Packer. There are two version. 1. Uncircumcised, 2.Circumcised. Uncircumcised is known as Uncut and Circumcised is known as cut STP. Which you want to buy, click the below links:

  1. Uncircumcised XL STP Prosthetics
  2. Circumcised XL STP Prosthetics

Before reading it, click the link: TransGuySupply FREE XL STP PACKER, if It’s available. Because if you didn’t see availability, how you can purchase it. Few STP packers such as Santos aren’t available right now. Here we share some of the pictures of Transguysupply free xl STP packer. If you need the uncut version, then you can go for XL Uncut STP Packer.

Transguysupply free xl STP packer

The model ” FREE XL STP ” is soft, realistic and one of the best for standing to pee. The length is 5.5″ and the weight is near 200 G. There are two packers. 1. Free STP, 2. Free Xl STP.

The difference between the two packers is length and weight. The free STP packer has 4.5 inches and the free xl STP has 5.5 inches. The difference is 1″ inches. On the other hand, the free packer is small in size for us. Free STP packer is ideal for the person who finds a minimum good length.

Transguysupply free xl STP packer

The hole is clearly shown in the pictures. It is standing according to the urinating point. It’s okay for a pee.

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How to pack the STP packer?

There are some stores online where you get ftm harness, packing jockstrap, brief, boxer, etc. The STP packer is good for a boxer, button fly, and brief. We aren’t sure which harness suits it. You may try to find a good harness-making store.

What is the price of STP Prosthetics?

The price of the STP packer is 55$ excluding the shipping fee and tax. The tax and shipping fee varies on location.

Transguysupply XL STP Packer Review
Transguysupply free xl STP packer

Here is a picture of the scrotum and It’s soft. There is enough space in the hole for flowing the pee. Don’t pressure yourself for a pee. Wait a little bit for coming to the pee naturally.


  1. Good for standing to pee
  2. Soft
  3. Realistic STP Prosthetics
  4. Cheap STP Packer
  5. Budget-friendly
  6. User-friendly
  7. Best for play


  1. Its surface is thick from inside to outside.
  2. It takes time for understanding the funnel.
  3. It’s heavy.
  4. We face very uncomfortably sometimes.

If you like to buy the transguysupply STP packer, then you can go to the below link.

Does Translgbtq recommend STP Prosthetics?

Not sure. The STP packer is good but we aren’t sure about what you will do. You can definitely try it if you have very little budget. The packer is good as a cheap STP packer. Within the budget, It’s really hard to get that type of packer. Before this packer, we have also reviewed emisil STP Packers and axolom STP packers. Click on the below link if you like to read these.

Emisil 4In 1 STP Packer (Goldfinger)

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

Before start using your packer, you must have to know how the funnel works. You can put some water for practice and follow how the water flows. You may need some time for it. Buf It’s helpful tips from us.

How to stand to pee by an STP Packer?

Here is a guide video of how to stand to pee by an STP packer.

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