Peecock GenX STP Packer Review: FTM STP Packers

Peecock GenX STP packer is an ftm soft packer, a realistic packer that is a 2-in-1 packer. It means urination and play can be done. It’s so small. It’s just 3.75 cm. But It’s a good size.

STP Packer is known as fake penis, silicone penis prosthetics, packer penis, etc. It can be two or three types. 1. Packing, 2. Erect, 3. Urination

Mostly trans men use ftm packers for packing. Nowadays 3in 1 STP packers and 4in 1 STP packers are very popular. Because we guys get 3 or 4 benefits in one packer.

What is FTM STP Packer?

The word FTM identified the transgender who is assigned female by birth and identified as male psychologically. STP packer is a silicone prosthetic that helps transgender and non-binary folks to allow the stand to pee in front of public washrooms, pack all day, and have sex with partners.

What is a 2in 1 STP Packer?

2in 1 STP packer includes standing to pee, and pack. It means you are only able to urinate and wear it all day.

What is a 3in 1 STP Packer?

3in 1 STP Packer includes play, stand to pee, and pack. It means you are only able to do intercourse with partners, urinate, and wear all day.

What is a 4-in-1 STP packer?

4in 1 STP packers include masturbation, play stand to pee, and pack. That means you can get 4 benefits: urinating, playing, packing and masturbation. Masturbation means the packer that has pleasure ridges.

Peecock is a Singapore-based company which FTM transgender packers, chest binders, ftm harnesses, and ftm packing underwear.

After top surgery, I brought a peecock STP packer. Due to a few budgets and country complications, no other company comes to ship an ftm packer. Peecock customer support is a bit helpful.

I brought Peecock GenX that was 158$+25$ harness + 43$ shipping. Plus Customs charge me 65$. Let’s talk about the review.

Peecock products are very popular in the Transgender community. It’s because they started making STP devices almost 12 years ago or more. They aren’t only provided ftm packers but also provide chest binders. Their product quality is good. I thought it may be like a fake penis dildo but It’s a realistic STP packer.

Peecock GenX STP packer is an ftm soft packer, a Stand to pee prosthetic, a realistic packer that is a 2-in-1 packer. It means urination and packing can be done. It’s hard for sexual intercourse. It’s so small. It’s just 3.75 cm. But It’s a good size.


  1. Good for Urinate.
  2. The cup size is good.
  3. The hole is almost good but a bit small.
  4. Masturbation performs well.
  5. Light Weight.
  6. Average Realistic Packer.
  7. The scrotum looks realistic.
  8. Good for regular packing.


  1. Too small size.
  2. Not good for Sexual Intercourse.
  3. Oily.
  4. Sometimes it can’t handle the overflow.
  5. Due to the oily, sometimes felt itching.
  6. Pricing Isn’t worth the product.

We think the price should be 50-60$. It’s because It’s small and the quality is average. We used Emisil GoldFinger and Axolom Thinker whose price is well according to the product.

We understand Peecock products are good but mostly new transgender men can’t afford their FTM STP packers. Peecock products aren’t cheap. So, if you find cheap STP packers, you may try their defective products though they also sell these in a high range. But lit low than the original price. We suggest buying a new packer than a defective packer.

Peecock other STP packers such as Peecock Gen4, Peecock GenX are better than Peecock GenX. It’s worth the price. GenX is an old generation product.

One thing that is the best in Peecock, is Peecock Pleasure rods. It has an ejaculate system. You can buy Peecock Gen 4 and pleasure rod together. We heard It’s good for play.

I used their comfort harness with multiple FTM STP packers. It’s good and one of our great choices. We haven’t used their chest binders. So, we can’t share our response for Peecock binders.

As we had some issues with Peecock Gen X, we don’t recommend it as best STP packer. It’s good. But you can try it beginner level. but we would suggest other peecock products.

How to wash Peecock FTM STP packer?

You can wash an FTM STP packer by the following ways:

  • Use Regular Soap
  • Use waters.
  • Keep it dry.

By using Peecock GENX STP packer, a transgender men look like:

How to Stand to pee with Peecock STP Packer?

We have shared a video below where we used Peecock Genx stp packer for urination.

We tried to contact them for peecock gen 4, peecock gen 4x products including pleasure rods for review. Let’s see when they send us the products.

Anyway, we would love to share a lot of reviews. Some reviews are coming this month such as Axolom Handy STP packer, Axolom Squire STP packer, and Axolom Prince STP packer.

Thanks for reading this article. We would love to share a list of the Best STP Packers. We hope you will not regret by purchase an STP packer from the list. We want to help the transgender community as we can through our articles.

7 thoughts on “Peecock GenX STP Packer Review: FTM STP Packers”

  1. I can’t say that I am happy with the GenX 4 I purchased from Peecock products seven months ago. It is far worse than the review suggests. Bad design and bad composition of silicone rubber and I can’t wear it. They would not refund my money when I asked them to, thus complaining in several letters, and I will taking the matter to cross border disputes. The Bank refunded my money as a goodwill gesture, but that is not the same as being refunded by Peecock products. They tried to blame me for the problem. It certainly isn’t worth the money I had to pay for it, £148.00, or thereabouts. The review on here is pretty accurate though, with the cons section.

      • I second that. I just want to know how people can get their money back from the company. They are under the protection of US Law and won’t accept 1* reviews of their products. This particular product is not fit for purpose and never will be until the composition of it is corrected.


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