3 in 1 STP Packers, Harness, and Brief, Pouch that makes your day perfect

A transgender’s life is not an easy life or not much hard. It depends on your social presence and it can be easy if you have this. After starting your transition you must need this because we will stay and meet different people or strangers. There is no need to tell your stranger that you are transgender. Stp packers and others are essential products for trans youth. Read another article: How to Come out as a Trans man

This is not mandatory but if you keep that, your life can be easier. We know bottom surgery is very risky and painful and we will only do it when we are preparing for it. You need to be happy all the time because if you are sad, it will affect your life. So, we suggest some stp packers, FTM harness, and FTM briefs that help you to decrease your bottom dysphoria and you must follow the article to know the usage.

What is the meaning of STP Packer?

The full meaning of STP Packer is stand to pee packer. It’s a device that enables one to pee by standing in front of the toilet.

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How to buy stp packer or stand-to-pee prosthetics?

Very few stores sell body-safe stand pee packers at a reasonable price. We highly recommended transguys supply STP packers, Mrimin, AXOLOM Stp packers and early2bed stand-to pee prosthetics. Because of their quality and pricing. We personally tried Axolom and Trans Guys Supply. It’s good for use. Early 2 Bed STP packers is also great but they have very few stocks.

Which is the best STP packer between Trans Guys Supply and Axolom?

They are both best. I personally love their colours and quality. Trans guy supply’s products are hard but axolom’s product is a little smaller. For Pricing, I recommend TRANSGUYSUPPLY because it’s a little cheaper in price. On the other hand, I prefer Axolom packers also.

Which are the best STP packers in Mrimin?

Mrimin is a new brand and all the FTM packers are realistic and of good quality. It’s hard to say because of the similarity of names. Let us show you some best STP packers in Mrimin. We hope you’ll love to use it.

Mrimin SUL08 Ultra Realistic Penis Packer

SUL08 is a very realistic stand-to-pee prosthetic and good for packing. Two variants (uncircumcised & circumcised) are available. Both packers are soft and great for regular packing. We would love to recommend the STP device to you. Check out it to get more images and buy. If you are looking for an uncircumcised STP packer, then it is best for you. Even for circumcised packers. The price is 279$.

Mrimin SUL07 STP Device

The quality of this SUL07 Mrimin STP packer is quite good and excellent. The pricing is also cheaper than others. We would suggest buying this packing device if you looking for an uncut STP packer. This penis head is very realistic. Click here to buy it.

Mrimin Uncircumcised STP Packer

Mrimin uncircumcised stp packer is very realistic and different from other company packers. They made the products to decrease the bottom dysphoria. This is only possible by these realistic packers. The pricing is also cheaper than others. The price is 249$. The length may be 3.75-4.3 inches. Before stock out, check out this product now.

Mrimin Circumcised STP Packer

This is one of the best circumcised STP packers of mrimin. This packer is cute and the length is 3.7 to 4.3 inches. The price is 249$. If you are a big fan of freetom like me, then you must try mrimin packers. Like freetom prosthetics, Mrimin STP packers are realistic and affordable. Unfortunately, freetom prosthetics arenโ€™t always in stock. Check out this.

Here we share some cheap STP packers of Mrimin for under 100$. Check out these STP Prosthetics.

Mrimin best STP Prosthetics
Mrimin Ultra Realistic STP Prosthetics
Ftm STP prosthetics and STP Packers

For STP Packing, you can use Mrimin Packing Underwear. These STP Packing underwears are cheaper and good for regular packing. Let us show this FTM packing underwear.

Mrimin FTM Packing Strap Harness

Mrimin FTM Packing Underwear

Which is the best STP Packers of TransGuySupply?

The Free STP, Free XL Stp device, Regular Stp, and Santos is the best stand-to-pee device that I can recommend for you. You can use it regularly. Here is the image.

1. Transguys Supply Free STP Packer
Transguys Supply Free STP Packer
2. Transguys Supply Free XL STP Packer
Transguys Supply Free XL STP Packer
3. Transguys Supply Sport STP Packer
Transguys Supply Sport STP Packer
4. Transguys Supply Lou STP
4. Transguys Supply Lou STP

Oh! Sorry. We forget emisil packer and you can buy emisil stp packer for yourself. Here are some emisil stp packers that we prefer the most.

Emisil Goldfinger STP Packer

We have recently published a review of this emisil goldfinger 4in 1 stp packer. Hope you enjoye the review.

Emisil Compact STP Packer
Emisil Compact STP Packer
Emisil Compact STP Packer
emisil Uncircumcised stp packer

Which is the best Stand to Pee Prosthetic of Axolom?

The best stand-to-pee prosthetic that I want to recommend is Axolom Thinker. On the other hand, The knight stp packer is also great. First, choose your size, then choose one according to your needs. Here is the three Axolom 3in1 STP Packers.

1. Axolom Thinker STP Packer 3in1: 59$

Axolom Thinker STP Packer 3in1 : 59$

Would you like to see an article regarding axolom thinker stp packer review? You can click the link to visit the article.

For reference, please play the below video. The video is helping the trans guys for standing the pee through the stp packer. Click on Watch on Youtube.

2. Axolom Knight STP Packer 3in1 : 79$

Axolom Knight STP Packer 3in1 : 79$

3. Axolom Handy STP Packer 3in1

Axolom Handy stp

Which is the best ftm harness for transguys for carrying STP?

The question is from your thoughts, I know. You may be tried different ftm harnesses but don’t know which can be good for you. From my experience, I prefer peecock because it carries the stp packer for a long time and it’s comfortable. The second ftm harness that I want to recommend to you is an early2bed harness. Transguy supply is also provided ftm harness that also suitable for you. Here are some images of the ftm harness.

Rodeoh FTM Harness

Rodeoh provides best ftm harness for transgender men, lesbians and non-binary. We have some rodeoh harness that you need to try. The harness or underwear is best for packing. It is suitable for almost all STP packers such as emisil packers, axolom prosthetics, TG supply and other stp prosthetics. We hope you’ll be helpful with these packing underwear.

Stand to Pee Packing Harness
Stand to Pee Packing Harness
STP Harness & Boxer
Stand to Pee Packing Harness
Rodeoh STP Packing Boxer

TransGuys Supply FTM Cake Bandit Monochrome Harness
FTM harness
TransGuys Supply FTM Cake Bandit Harness
Cake Bandit Harness
Early2bed FTM Packer Gear Jock Strap harness
Early2bed FTM NYTC STP Harness

Which is the best ftm brief for transguys?

From our recommendations, we recommended transguysupply, Rodeah, Early2bed and so many. Actually, there are many briefs available. You can buy it locally or online. We like to share some with you.

Early2bed FTM Brief
Transguysupply FTM Brief
Transguysupply FTM Brief

The most important thing is carrying a bag. It’s called ftm Pouch that keeps your stp packer hidden from public eyes. Here is some pouch collection.

NYTC Packing Pouch
NYTC Packing Pouch
Magnetic Packer Pouch
Magnetic Packer Pouch

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