How To Come Out As a Transman?

Trans man means you are born in a female body but you think you are emotional or mentally a boy. Your behavior like a male. So you think you are trapped in the wrong body.

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FTM Surgery

How To Come Out As a Transman?

Family, friends & dreams are very important for a transman. In many cases, parents can’t accept it. For this, a transman leaves their family & they live by their livelihood. A transman is very different. He has many talents. If you are a transman, you should find your talent. At first, you should make a plan about how to continue your life. You have to earn money for yourself. If you are comfortable you can go for Sex Reassignment Surgery. Read about The cost of FTM Surgery. FTM surgery means female to male surgery. If you are 18 years old & enough mature, then you should tell your parents, close friends about what you are. Don’t scared. If they don’t accept, you share your painful life or share other transman’s life. But before surgery, you should try more & more. Make sure that it is not your hobby. Then you will regret it. 

A trans man can’t come out easily because when they try to come out, they can face critical problems if families don’t educate about it. In some cases, there are huge risks of rape, abuse, and homeless.  

How to know you are a transman? 

Generally, a person knows their own body when they are 6/7 years old. Somebody can know later. It depends on them. A transman knows it when their age is 6/7 years old. They can’t tell that to anybody because of people. They will think that is a mental disease. But it is not a mental disease. When the person knows it, he hates the world & his body. In some cases, they try a suicide attempt. But It’s wrong. God made you. You should live for yourself.     

How to arrange surgery funds for FTM Surgery? 

Here are some ways. That will help you with your FTM surgery. From female to male surgery you need to arrange funds. There are some ways about how you arrange FTM surgery funds?

1 – SRS Surgery Funds from Non-Profit Organization: There are some organizations that help for sex-change surgery. Such as Points Pride etc. 

2 – Medical Insurance for FTM surgery: Some insurance company covers surgery fund. It’s helpful. But most of the medical insurance companies don’t cover it. You need to research first about which insurance company covers surgery.

3 – Manage your funds from Saving: If you fail the 1 & 2 options then the last option is to manage the surgery fund by saving your own money. You can apply for a job or can be a tutor. You can be a freelancer. You can be a photographer or an artist.  

What is the FTM Surgery cost?

The cost basically depends on the country. The total FTM surgery cost in USA 30,000 – 50,000 USD. Top surgery cost is 3000$ – 10,000$. The total cost of FTM Surgery in India is 7 Lacks (10,000$). Read full details about the surgery cost in different countries. Click here The FTM SURGERY COST In Different Countries  

FTM Surgery cost
What is the best country for FTM Surgery?

Some countries provide the best affords for having sex reassignment surgery such as Thailand, United States, United Kingdom, Iran, etc.   

How to start the FTM surgery process?

At first, you should be fit from mentally & emotionally. You can’t change your decision after bottom surgery. You have to think 1000 times for doing this surgery.

At first go to the physicist & a phycologist, they will check up your mental condition. Then they will prefer a document & tell you to go to the endocrinologist for taking hormones treatment. Hormones replacement treatment is called HRT. After 1 year of HRT, you can go to a plastic surgeon for top surgery. After top surgery, you can feel freedom. When you take hormones, you feel some changes. You will be more manly, growing your breeds & hairs. You can use a man toilet in public places, for this you need an STP packer/Mr. Limpy. You will comfortable wearing it. You can take time for bottom surgery if you scared or don’t have the funds.   What is STP Packer / Mr. Limpy?  The plastic dick is calling the FTM STP packer or Mr. Limpy packer. Wearing it transman can perform and feel comfortable. Click here to buy an STP Packer / buy Mr lumpy packer.

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