Spouti Urinary Aid Review: STP Device

When we start finding STP devices, we found multiple types of products such as P style, silicone made prosthetics. Then we find out a new generation product. You can understand what’s the product. It’s Spouti Urinary Kid. Today we gonna make an honest review of Spouti.

First of all, we would like to thank the Spouti team for sending the product and for the amazing customer support. Spouti team is really helpful.

Spouti Urinary Aid

Spouti Urinary Aid Review: STP Device

Spouti is an STP device that is used to stand to pee in front of private or public washrooms. It’s a leak-free urinary aid.

When we got the package, we were very happy. It’s because not for the gift. The reason behind the product is to discover something that might be good for us. I opened the package with love.

Opening the package, we found our Spouti. This is a wonderful creation. We found the product helpful. Though we aren’t expert enough. It takes a long time to understand the funnel and how it works.

Spouti Urinary Aid Review: STP Device


  • Easy to carry in the pocket.
  • Handles overflowing smoothly.
  • A good alternative to STP packer.
  • Lightweight
  • Can urinate in a bottle.
  • Works smoothly.
Spouti Urinary Aid Review: STP Device


  • Hard to setup it up with the body at the beginning.
  • Takes time to set up.
  • Can leak pee at the beginning.
  • Can be used during the top surgery recovery time.
Spouti Urinary Aid Review: STP Device

We personally love the product. We recommended the product. It’s not hard to learn the funnel. Though you may face a few issues at the beginning. But we heard it becomes very easy if you are a pro!

How to use Spouti Urinary Aid?

To use Spouti Urinary Aid, you need to set up the device with your bottom area. By the way, you’ll be able to stand to pee.

How to buy Spouti Urinary Aid?

You can check their site directly or go to the page: Spouti Urinary Aid. We thought it might be helpful.

How many times we can use Spouti Urinary Aid?

We published some STP packers reviews before these. Check out all the reviews on the page.

Not sure. They provide external pipes also. You can cut the pipe size according to your wishes and set up it manually. It’s a good alternative as an STP device.

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