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We have been managing the largest transgender blogging page. We started the website since 2019, gain more than 30k plus users in the last two years. This two years we have learned a lot of things. We are researching many things.

Good as being what we really are.

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When you comment us on a post, everyone can see the comments in the post’s below.

Collaboration Policy

When you think to collaborate with us, we’ll collect the data of the company and influencer. Keep the collaboration in private.

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When you send us a payment of collaboration, we’ll give you a invoice. Your payment information will be safe by us.

Terms & Conditions

This is a adult site and a informative website for transgender and others. Straight person can read and understand the subject for supporting us. If you aren’t a adult, we would like to warn you because there are some adult content that aren’t made for non-adults. Before starting product articles, make sure you are 18+ years old. Our target persons are 18 to 65 years transgender men, 18-55 years men women, etc.

If you’re a surgeon and want to create a portfolio page in TRANSLGBTQ, we will collect your data and media files and make a special page for yourselves. The visitors will see your name, contact details (form,email), surgery galary , etc.

Blogging is a life changing part that makes to connect with the same mentality people that you’re.

What Our Users are Saying

Trans LGBTQ, is a very important blog for me. I got various information that help me to get started my transaction.


Trans LGBTQ, is an amazing blogsite. This site makes me feel great.