Buy The Best STP Packers For Transman

STP packer is a device that helps to stand to pee. It is useful for trans men to feel comfortable in public places. Transman uses it. It is also called an FTM prosthetic.

Most trans men want to use the best chest binders, best packing underwear, and best STP packer. Because of a low budget, they can’t buy expensive binders for them. This post will explain how to start saving money for your FTM transformation surgery, buy the best binders and packers, and how you can earn money online.

What is the full form of STP Packer?

The full form of STP is stand to pee. It is called a prosthetic packer for transgender males or trans men. The transgender person uses this instead of bottom surgery. We have also shared the list of the best FTM STP Packers.

What are the 10 Best expensive STP packers?

Are you looking for the 10 Best STP Packers for Transman? Then you come to the correct place. Click here to read all the details

How to start saving money for FTM surgery?

Every trans man wants to go for top surgery. Some people don’t like bottom surgery. They use packers. If you are a transgender, this post will help 100 individuals. At first, you have to stop wasting money as much as possible. The only way will help you to grow your funding. Second, you have to make a plan to save 100$-200$ or as much you can save per month. If your age is under 18, you should save money from now. Because there are lots of transgender families who don’t support their children. Sometimes they are kicked out of their home. It sounds so painful but it’s true. OUR life isn’t easy. The third is you should build a strong skill in the freelancing sector( Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Web design and development, and so many. Ask yourself what is your passion. If your heart answering something, you should pick up and try for your passion.

How do I buy chest binders and STP packers?

If you feel uncomfortable going outside to buy a chest binder and STP packers, you can buy these online. Many sites sell chest binders and all FTM prosthetics. You can read this article’s ☛ best chest binders 2024.

Are cheap FTM binders and cheap STP packers safe?

No. We got some negative reviews from the trans guys and for that, we suggest buying an FTM binder – top chest binder / long chest binder from the transguysupply website, also we have shared an article where we shared the best chest binders list including FYTIST, Transguygupply, NYTC and underworks. Trans guy supply provides the best FTM binders from 19$. For the best STP packer, the axolom, mrimin emisil STP packer and transguysupply STP packer are best.

Can I buy binders and packers from Amazon?

Yes. You can. But before buying any packer, you should check reviews. Because every packer is different and everyone has different tests. Read this article about the best FTM packing underwear and the best cheap STP packer amazon.

#10 Best STP Packers FTM

Are you looking for the best STP packer for transmen or the best STP prosthetics under 400$? Then this article will be your favourite article. Click here to read all the details and reviews from transgender male friends.

Mrimin STP Packers

Mrimin is a new company that provides very realistic FTM packers among the trans guys at very cheap pricing. We highly recommend the Mrimin STP packers because It’s realistic, soft and best for long-term use. Usually you can use a packer for 8-24 months without issues. Let’s show some FTM STP packers of Mrimin.

Mrimin Cheap STP Packers

This is a Mrimin STP Packer. The price is 17$ and the length is 12 cm. It is a 3-in-1 STP packer. It is a cheap STP packer.

Mrimin Cheap STP Packers

This is a Mrimin STP Packer. The price is 37$ and the length is 4.5-4.75 inches. It is a 3-in-1 STP packer. The pleasure rod is available. It is a cheap STP packer.

Mrimin Realistic STP Packers

This is a Mrimin Realistic STP Packer. The price is 60$ and the length is 3.5-3.75 inches. It is a 2-in-1 STP packer. According to product quality the pricing is very friendly.

Mrimin Ultra Realistic STP Packer

This is a Mrimin Realistic STP Packer. The price is 97$ and the length is 5.2-5.5cm. It is a 3-in-1 STP packer. It is the most realistic FTM packer that we highly recommend.

Mrimin Cut & Uncut STP Packer

This is a Mrimin Realistic STP Packer. Both cut and uncut variants is available in the mrimin store. The price is 280$ and the length is 4-5 inches. We believe It’s made with high quality silicone and It’s a very realistic packer. You’ll love this packer. As we know uncut STP packer is rare in shops. You can buy this packer.

Mrimin Adhesive STP Packer

This is a Mrimin Realistic Adhesive STP Packer. The price is 213$ and the length is 4.7- 5.5 cm. It is a 3-in-1 STP packer. It’s a circumcised STP packer. Mrimin has three or four adhesive STP packers.

Axolom STP Packer

axolom stp packer

Axolom provides quality full STP packers at an affordable price. You can buy any axolom STP packer from the axolom shop. They have 5 different packers with 7 color combinations. Not only good the STP packer but also extra-ordinary. Axolom STP packer isn’t a transman-owned company. But they made the company for trans help. Here is a video about how to stand to pee with a packer.

They are doing also social work besides the business. We are highly recommended you to go their website and buy one axolom STP packer for yours. We share the product for trans help. You can buy an FTM STP packer with 29$ and extra shipping, They will be ready harness and rod at the end of 2021. We share the right product and brand to you so that you get the best STP packers and trust us for a long time. Their review score is 4.5 stars. We share some products in the bellow.

AXOLOM Monsieur Wiggle Super Soft Packer Gear

AXOLOM Monsieur Wiggle Super Soft Packer Gear is the most favorite packer on my list. The price is 49$ with 8 positive reviews. It will increase if you buy one axolom STP packer and give your review. You may love the product.

AXOLOM Rook FTM Erecting Packer

AXOLOM Rook FTM Erecting Packer is the 2nd favorite packer on my list. The price is 29$ and trans guys can afford it easily. There are two variants available. 1: Cut, 2: Uncut. The product has no reviews. The brand is new but it can gain trust if you come to their site buy one and review it on YouTube and their site. I love their stories. To read click here AXOLOM Brand Story and to buy an axolom STP packer, go to Axolom

Trans Guy Supply STP Packer

Transguysupply the best prosthetic and gender gear for transgender guys. They are a trusted STP packing provider company in the USA. They ship worldwide. The packers are user-friendly, cheap at price, and the quality is enough strong. We recommend the trans guys supply the best STP packers and cheap STP packers. Here are the full details. We describe some best packers for FTM. Click buy now to buy the packer.

STP Freely
STP Freely
Price: 45$

Mr Right STP packer – Transguysupply
Price: 60$

Buy Now

Vixen Creation’s Mr. Right is our most realistic silicone packer with nice detailing on the head and shaft. Each Mr. Right is handmade with 100% platinum silicone meaning it’s safe for long term skin contact. Incredibly durable, your Mr. Right will not break down or degrade over time. It also warms easily and retains body heat making this an excellent option for all-day wear. 

Pierre Uncut STP prosthetic
Price: 54$

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Pierre is the best selling intact packer in the United States. This silicone packer features over 100 unique skin folds throughout the shaft and subtly asymmetrical testicles. There is an ideal Pierre packer for everyone on the gender masculine spectrum. Price is 54$

  • Total Length 5.25″
  • Penis length 4.75″
  • Width at maximum point 2″
Archer Youth STP packer
Price: 45$

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Though this packer is technically about as long as the 3.75″ Mr. Limpy, it is quite a bit smaller overall. This packer is specifically designed for transgender youth. Price is 45$

Archer is a premium, circumcised, silicone packer: a trusted and cherished favorite, Archer is circumcised and features a realistic head and detailing throughout the shaft and testicles. A great choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting sterilizable, hypoallergenic daily silicone packer.

Mr Limpy Large Prothestic

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Looking to pack huge? The Large Mr. Limpy is your guy. This heavy duty packer is almost 8″ long – more than twice the average length of cis guys’ softies – making it a total show stopper. Not for guys who want to blend in in the locker room, but an excellent choice for guys considering phallo. 

Mr. Limpy is made from real-to-the-touch SuperSkin material and is as realistic as it gets. The low price and realistic feeling make it an all-time packing favorite.

The colors of the Mr. Limpy packers may vary a bit from the product photos. They can also at times come with small imperfections such as air bubbles or small dings. Lastly, because packers made with SuperSkin are porous, they may at times become discolored. Wearing packer-friendly underwear may reduce the risk of your packer becoming discolored. 

Mr Limpy Packer Small
Price : 13$

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Don’t let the term “Small” confuse you. This is a fantastic classic packer and actually produces quite a decent size bulge. In fact, this packer is slightly larger than the average cis guy’s softie, so rest assured that you won’t be thought of as the small one in the locker room. 

All Mr. Limpy products are made from real-to-the-touch SuperSkin material and are realistic enough to pass any squeeze test. The low price and realistic feeling make it an all-time packing favorite.

Packer Gear – Silicone Small STP
Price: 24$

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Amazing life-like design. Silky and plush, this packer is the ultimate in comfort. Easy to use and easy to clean. 

Product Dimensions: Small = 4″ / 10.25cm

Performance STP Packer
Price: 15$

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Please welcome our newest addition to our elastomer packer collection! If you think the XS Mr. Limpy is too small, but the Small Mr. Limpy is too big, this is the packer for you. Coming in at 5″ total length, with a shaft of 4″ (measured from the underside), this packer will give you a “just right” bulge. 

The performance packer has a  soft, realist skin texture and a tinted head for an extra lifelike effect. The balls are on the smaller side and the shaft is 1.25″ wide.

Comfortable for all-day wear. Compatible with packer underwear. Easy to clean and made of body safe Thermoplastic Elastomers that contain no fragrances, phthalates or latex. 

SAM STP Packer
Price: 75$

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The sam STP packer is one of the best packer FTM. It has well color combine, user friendly. The best STP 3n1 FTM packer is Sam STP packer. The price is very cheap. People will get this for 75$.it is 5 inches in length. Here are the full details.

Best stp packer

This packer is soft & cheap STP packer. Most trans guys use it.

Flip N Tuck Cut STP Packer
Price: 164$

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The STP packer is soft and the best packer for them who are finding a big penis. It has 7 inches or 18 cm. The STP packer is looking good and it has a high demand. Most of the trans guys using this. Here are the full details.

Hugo 3 in 1 STP Packer

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The Hugo 3 in 1 STP packer is best for trans guys because you will get 3 items in 1 package. The good thing is that all the items you will get for 95$. If we see other packers, we don’t get a 3n1 packer at a cheap price. The packer has a 4.7 rating from transman. Click here to read the full details.

Emisil FTM Packer
Price: 110$

Buy Now

Emisil STP packer or emisil FTM packer / prosthetic is the best choice for trans guys. From google research, maximum transgender males use this emisil STP because of their quality and user friendly. It is the best STP packer at 110$. Emisil’s best STP packers from 100$ – 500$. If you are finding the best STP packer at a low price, we suggest buying emisil STP prosthetic.

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