FTM Packing Guide: How To Use a FTM STP Packer Regularly

Well, this content is related to FTM packing. It’s all about STP packers, how to pack a packer, how to use it, etc. Before you start reading please make sure you are a transman and 18 years old. The content is related to adults. So, we requested the under-eighteen guys to close the page.

What is FTM STP Packer?

FTM means female to a male transgender person who identified as male and is assigned female by birth. The uterus is still feminine. Due to feminine genitals, we feel so disgusted with our genitalia. STP packer is a device that keeps our life depression-free. It’s used as a stand to pee, pack, and even for sexual intercourse.

FTM STP Packers are many types. We listed three types:

Transgender Packer is made of silicone. So, it is also called silicone packers. These packers are for trans men & non-binary folks. These packers are body safe. But sometimes we had a little itching. We highly recommended Itch Guard or alternative products. That you will get from Amazon Itching Solutions.

The FTM Packing Boxer Brief is really important for packing and positioning an STP packer. We will include a few packing boxer briefs that are good for STP, packing, and even erection.

Rodeoh packing boxers have some features that can be used as an FTM harness and even for standing to pee. Both facilities are available. On the other hand, Transguysupply packing boxers are good for packing and STP. TG supply has a lot of colors & we loved it. Plus, Axolom packing boxer briefs are good for packing. They released ftm harness and underwear.

We have reviewed a few STP Packers in the list:

Packing STP Packer

Packing STP is basically used for packing regularly. In this case, the uterus isn’t connected or attracted to the packing STP packer. It is using used for packing underwear. Some FTM packing STP packers:

FTM Packers for FTM Trans Guys

FTM packers

Mrimin STP Packer For Trans Man

pierre ftm packers

Packing is now super easy with these brands of underwear and FTM boxer briefs. You need to find your packing boxers from the list. This boxer strap is for trans guys. Packing your FTM Packing STP packer with these packing underwear:

Axolom STP Boxer Brief FTM & Trunks

All in One Packing Brief Boxer FTM | FTM Packing Underwear

Axolom released their boxer briefs FTM and trunks a few months ago. It is well for packing and STP. We have been using it in our daily life. The quality of the ftm brief is very well and comfortable. You can check their websites for more images. It is also called button-fly FTM underwear. Let’s check out.

Axolom STP Jockstrap

FTM Packing Underwear

Rodeoh FTM packing boxer briefs

Rodeoh FTM packing boxer briefs

Axolom Transgender Packer boxers

axolom harness

Early2bed Boxer Harness


Stand to Pee Packer

Stand-to-pee packers can be many types such as 2-in-1 STP packers, 3-in-1 STP packers, 4-in-1 STP packers, etc. This article will help both of us stand to pee packers. You can purchase your packer or you can choose a Stand to pee prosthetics in this list:


Mrimin: Mrimin provides a realistic stand To Pee Packers for trans guys. The best thing is you can get also a cheap STP packer that is also a realistic packer for a trans man. Their STP packers start from 17$. We would love to share mrimin packers. This prosthetic is also known as a “transgender packer”.

Mrimin STP Packer

Mrimin best STP Prosthetics

Mrimin Packer For Transgender

Mrimin Uncut STP Packer

Axolom FTM Packers

Axolom: Axolom provides the best STP packers at affordable pricing. The best thing is the price is the same for all the products. There is nothing to compare with this company. They are very trans-friendly. This realistic STP packer is coming soon. We are waiting for it. Anyway, we tested Axolom Thinker, Handy, Prince, and Squire. You can buy Axolom Thinker or Handy. Or you can buy axolom squire because It’s small and pack-friendly.

Axolom FTM STP Packer For FTM Trans Guys
Thinker STP Packer
Thinker STP packer including Pleasure rod and pleasure ridges.

Axolom Transexual Packers FTM

Axolom Knight STP Packer 3in1 : 79$

What is the best STP Packer FTM for Trans Man?

According to Trans Guys, Axolom provides FTM cheap STP packers at affordable pricing. The equation is also the same for Mrimin. Axolom Packers are really soft. We personally recommended their packer because it is soft. Both Mrimin & Axolom provides the best cheap packers for trans men.

On the other hand, Mrimin is a new company & their FTM prosthetics are realistic, affordable, and even soft. If you have a very little budget or high you can try their FTM prosthetics. Early2bed is also good. You need to choose one according to your budget, wish & choice. We also add some best STP packers including Cheap STP Packer and 100+ STP Packers and 3-in STP packers, briefs, and boxers.

Now come to the part on How to pack an STP packer. If you using a stand-to pee packer, then you must know that it should have two or three-layer. One for a pee, one for keep, one for attaching the packer with the body. You can choose these FTM Packing Boxers for yourself.



Rodeoh FTM STP Packing Underwear

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