Axolom STP Packing Underwear Review: FTM STP Packing

When we find the best STP packing underwear online, you’ll find many sites as well. We also faced the same issue. We don’t sell packers, or anything else right now. But we are reviewing multiple products recently.

The first goal of us is to earn your trust. The only way to earn your trust is by providing authentic reviews among the community.

We are waiting for a review of the upcoming Axolom Underwear. The reason behind the review is they provide good quality packers and underwear at affordable pricing or a very cheap rate. In some locations, It’s tax-free and shipping free. So, It’s very important for us.

We have already reviewed their Thinker STP, Handy STP, and Squire STP including pleasure rods. The quality of their FTM packers is good according to pricing. Most of us looking has very few budgets (under 100$). So, we think Axolom is a good choice for us.

Best STP Packers For Packing

We have done our brand collaboration with them & ask them to make packing underwear for FTM transgender 6 months ago. Because I know it will be under 20$.

Today we would share one of the best packing underwear under 16$. Yes, you heard the right thing. They are providing very cheap rates for us. We are personally using it regularly. There is two STP Packing underwear that is similar on the inside and different for outside looks. Let’s share a brief regarding it.

The Packing underwear is basically made for standing to pee and packing a 3-in-1 STP packer. It has two layers. There is an “O Layer” – anti role in the middle inside. On the other hand, there are two buttons for standing through pee. There is a small reband that keeps the packing device tightly with the body.

The underwear is very soft and breathable. It may be because it is made of cotton. Before using it, I used Peecock harness and regular underwear. But we feel it is like 2-in-1 Packing underwear. Now we don’t need a harness for packing an STP device.


The “O Layer” isn’t very hard or soft. It doesn’t hurt my private (that peecock harness does). I feel It’s comfortable for regular wear. I’m using Thinker STP with this Axolom STP packing underwear for at least 7-8 hours a day. Still, we haven’t faced issues. The price is under 16$.

Positive Reviews:

  • Soft Cotton
  • Breathable
  • Good for Regular Packing
  • Easy to pack.
  • The O layer position is perfect for standing to pee.
  • Buttons are okay.
  • Easy to open buttons.

Negative Reviews:

  • Don’t get any single mistakes ( that is also a negative review from mine 😂)

Remember, Practice is the key. Before using public toilets, you need to use them every day with your STP device.

FTM Guide For Stand To Pee

When you want to pee, open your buttons and stand the STP device in front of the tube. Take a deep breath and try to push the urine through the funnel.

When you feel the urine flows outside, you push off the urine and position the hole in the direct direction. And must be checked the corner parts like fixed if it is wrinkled. I’m more comfortable in V Shape. It was very few percentages of leaking. Yeah, the Trunks is also okay.

Axolom STP Packing Underwear

However, Axolom did a good help for us. Now anyone can purchase STP packing underwear. we were waiting for it. And Finally, it makes our dysphoria very little.

Look, we don’t push you to purchase. It’s up to you. We are really satisfied with their product quality and more comfortable with Axolom STP Jockstrap.

We’ll include some images for a better look. We don’t say It’s best than others. But It’s best according to pricing and packing. Actually, we got our packing underwear 😁.

Axolom STP Packing Underwear

Some guys may think about sexual desire! Yeah, it might be okay for it. But we haven’t any ideas right now because we have no girlfriend right now. As a single human being, It’s impossible to say 😂😂. It works like an FTM harness as well. So, you will get STP packing underwear for your STP device.

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We aren’t sure about our brands packing underwear. We can confirm that the Axolom STP Packing underwear is perfect. Though it doesn’t work for all packers including their own packers Homerun and Hoodie. If you have multiple STP packers, then it might be suitable for you. Though we suggest using Axolom Thinker STP Packer for a better experience than we used.

We’ll review other Axolom packing underwear as well. After using all the underwear, we’ll provide other reviews.

Notice: Don’t use any images without our permission. We have used it a lot of times to make images. You need to ask us for permission before using the photos.

Disclaimer: We included the affiliate links in the add-to-cart button. We’ll earn a few commissions through it. But our only intention is to help you through our reviews.

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