FTM Beard Growth Advice: FTM Beard Oil Review

This article is based on FTM beard growth. Before starting reading, we would like to say that this article is written based on the author’s and other transmen’s experiences. We wouldn’t give the grantee any growth. But we’ll try to give you the best ways if any of those works.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the meaning of FTM beard growth?
  2. Improve Beard growth
  3. Usage of FTM beard oil
  4. Review of Beard Oil
  5. Positive and Negative Review by using Beard oil
  6. How to Use a Beard oil

What is the meaning of FTM beard growth?

The word ” FTM ” prefers the persons who start their transaction from female to male. FTM beard growth means the growth or increase of facial hair.

Beard growth pre t FTM is possible if you use some kind of beard oil or cream. Some trans guys get positive results and some don’t. Beard growth pre-T FTM is dependent on individuals.

We would like to add questions based on a Google search.

FTM how long on testosterone for full beard growth?

3-5 years. It’s not depending on how long you take testosterone. Some huge trans guys get full beards within 2 years. Even though there are lots of trans guys who are taking testosterone for 5-6 years but still they haven’t much beard.

FTM does increasing t improve beard growth?

Yes, but not always right. As per research, increasing t improves beard growth but it takes 3-8 months for getting results.

Beard growth ftm is the common matter that every trans man asks. There is some positive and negative side but still, we suggest that before applying anything, but must know the pros and cons.

As an author of Trans LGBTQ, I hadn’t much growth in 6-9 months on testosterone. There are only 6-10 facial hairs and I was very upset because of not have much ftm beard growth. I started t on 6 June. Then I had top surgery on 26 March 2021.

I used beard oil when I am going through top surgery recovery time. My facial hair starts growing after 2-3 months of using the oil.
I’m not sure if you can get the oil or if it works. But we suggest trying for at least 3 months. I used beardo oil.

FTM beard growth t treatment is a necessary content for all trans youth. Any trans masculine can apply the products. But must read the pros and cons if we are given or the product description has. Read another growth article on the clitoris: Grow Clitrios by Pump

How to use the FTM beard oil?

Every trans man has different experiences based on testosterone or using beard oil. Some beard oil has good quality or some beard oils aren’t healthy. Even some good beard oil doesn’t work for all individuals. It’s important to say that you must trust anything that you are going to do. You need to stay focused on what is going to do. We reviewed some beard oils and share our own tips.

By following these steps,

  • Stay away from the sun.
  • Use twice a day.
  • 1 or 2 Clean shaves per month.
  • Use timing when your beard starting grow.
  • Do not expose it to sunlight after using it.
  • Use it regularly.
  • If you get acne on your face, use it after two to three days.
  • If you do not get any results after four. months of use, then stop using. If you use it during the day, use it when you are not exposed to sunlight.
  • If it is too oily, you can gently wipe it off with a light tissue.
  • If you want to go out after using it, you must wash your face with a facewash and then go out.
  • If you use it six days a week, twice a day, it is no problem if you do not use it once a day, but if you do not use it for one week or two weeks in a row, it may stop improving.

Beardo Oil

ftm beard oil

Beardo oil is actually new on the list. Because of high pricing and negative reviews of minoxidil beard oil, we don’t buy it. Beardo oil works slowly. If you use it for three to four months you will probably get some good results and if you use it regularly after getting the results then it will help to complete your beard. There are some pros & cons that we like to describe :

* After two to three weeks of using it, a light brown rash can appear and it is most annoying when they get bigger.
* It is very oily which can cause some discomfort.

* It will also be the beard where you put it.  There will be no beard where you do not plant.  So use it wherever you want a beard on your face, and use it sparingly, not everywhere.
* It is more likely to get results after three to four months of use.
* It thickens the beard.

There are some combo packages that can be good for you. But if you can’t afford the price, you can buy single beardo oil. We always respect everyone’s budget.

You may be waiting to see the actual results of using beardo oil. Yes, we know. Here are the results of the author.

ftm beard oil
ftm beard growth timeline

When I start working using I was 6 months on testosterone. After using 3-4 months, I can see the actual results. I used beardo oil for 6-7 months. And now I have this kind of beard.

ftm beard growth timeline
ftm beard growth timeline
ftm beard oil
ftm beard growth timeline

We’re really satisfied with the results. But we aren’t sure if it can help you. But you can try it definitely. Before buying it, we checked 44k reviews on flipkart.com.

Minoxidil Beard Oil

minoxidil beard oil

It is mostly used by those who do not have a beard and it is mostly used by trans men. The reason we don’t put it first is that it has a lot of problems and bad sites for which we didn’t put it at number one. But even then we would suggest this oil to those who do not have a beard at all.  They can use this oil and they may have some improvements in using this minoxidil beard oil.

Pros & Cons

  • Using it for one to two months helps to grow a beard and thickens the beard.
  • Acne
  • Pimples
  • Rush
  • By using regularly, the beard can be within some months.

Please note that it is very dangerous for dogs. One drop of minoxidil can kill a dog. So, please stay away from dogs when you use them.

FTM beard growth coconut oil can’t give good results. It’s worked for those persons who have already some facial hairs. You can try it but we haven’t seen any results.

Now we suggest some beard oil that can be used as an alternative. That can be beneficial for your FTM journey.

Ride Beard Oil

FTM Beard Oil Reviews

Ride Beard Oil is working well and if you use it regularly, there are a good number of chances of growing your beard. We recommend buying it as an alternative.

Naturenics Premium Beard

FTM Beard Oil Review

According to research, the Naturenics Premium Beard is working well. There are 4000+ reviews on Amazon. You can use it and share the result with us.

Before sharing ftm beard growth advice, you must follow the steps-

  • Spend at least 15-20 minutes a day on beard massage
  • Use coconut oil as an alternative or Minox or beardo oil.
  • Don’t take many tensions in your head, it causes hair loss.
  • Stay happy with what you have. No matter how much!

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