Emisil GoldFinger STP Packer Review | Emisil 2nd Gen | 4in 1 FTM Prosthetics

The article is about the review of Emisil 2nd Gen 4in 1 STP Packer. We brought this stand to pee prosthetic some days ago. The review is based on experience and product. This can be the best STP Packer 2022.

STP Packer is called a “Urinating Device” that use for urinating in front of the restroom. The full definition is stand to pee prosthetic. Synonym: STP device, FTM packer, etc.

About Emisil GoldFinger STP Packer

Emisil is a company that makes silicone prosthetics. Emisil 2nd Gen 4in 1 STP Packer is a 2nd generation silicone STP packer. Emisil made their company many years ago and worked for trans youth such as making STP packers, funding, donating, helping, etc. Emisil provides a realistic FTM packer that details veins, wrinkles, and other skin textures.

GoldFinger EMISIL 2nd Gen STP Packer

The name of the model is ” GoldFinger”. This is one of the most realistic and expensive STP packers. The FTM packer is ideal for some of these persons who don’t want to compromise with the packer and hasn’t restrictions on the budget.

Look at the shape of the nut’s head and the body texture. This looks like a real penis that has veins, wrinkles, and texture. We realize It’s different and unique from the other’s STP providers. The body is fresh, soft, realistic

Emisil STP Packer is made from silicone molds and there are several colors available in emisil store.

The structure and combination look like a real penis prosthetic. Because of providing multiple variants of colors, emisil makes the journey of transmen easy and comfortable.

As EMISIL says, there is no tension of leakage here so after using it I find out some things.

Things you should know before purchase:

  • Not Lite Weight (250 G)
  • Have to use Harness/Packing Underwear/Boxer
  • Using adhesive cream can be good
  • Soft
  • It is not oily. That is a good sign.
  • Similar to body-color
  • Body Safe Silicone
  • Wash Easily
  • The pleasure rod isn’t good. It can hurt private parts. For sex, emisil erect penis is best.
  • The hole is perfect for urinating
  • No leakage barrier
  • If urination does not come on its own, then forcible urination may cause leakage of urine. However, this is not a problem for STP packers.
  • Before using public toilets, you must try 2 weeks regularly at home.

This is one of the best stand to pee packers. We highly recommended this product as the best urinating device. We’re not sure about sexual intercourse. The pleasure rod can’t be fully inserted in the hole of the STP packer. The pleasure rod is also made of silicone and It’s soft. But this STP device isn’t for sex purposes.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t insert any hard material in the STP packer. It can damage your expensive prosthetic. If you looking for sexual intercourse or satisfaction, then you should buy emisil’s erect STP packer. It is hard and comfortable for play. It is a good STP packer that we highly appreciated.

The scrotum is moveable. It is very soft. The funny thing is “Sometimes we gonna play it for fun”😂😁😆.

The length of the stand to pee packer is 5.5 inches (14cm) and the girth is 5 inches (13cm), and the weight is 9 oz or 250 G. The price is 370$ or 340£.

This is the inner side of this emisil 2nd gen STP packer. It’s easy to wear. There are no issues with “how to wear a packer”. After using it for some days, you’ll understand that this is a cool STP device. You’ll no need to worry about urinating in front of public toilets.

Is this a realistic STP Packer?

Yes, It is a realistic STP Packer that has veins, texture, etc. The veins are clearly shown on the left side.

Positive Sides of this Emisil STP Packer:

  1. Best for Urinating.
  2. Soft.
  3. Comfortable for regular use.
  4. Cleaning is easy.
  5. The scrotum is 3D moveable.
  6. Adjusted to body
  7. Haven’t leakage issues
  8. Easy to pack.
  9. Veins and texture make it realistic.

Negative Sides of this Emisil STP Packer:

  1. Uncomfortable for the first few days.
  2. Heavyweight.

When you pack with emisil stp packers, your bottom will look like:

If you using a ftm harness, then you will be look like

Emisil GoldFinger STP PACKER

If you are using regular underwear, you’ll be look like:

Emisil GoldFinger STP prosthetics

If you use harness and underwear both at the same time, you will be look like.

Emisil STP Packers

We know you may be looking for a video of this emisil 2nd gen 4in1 STP packer. Here is a video that we made. We hope you will enjoy the article. If yes, please share this article with your trans brothers who are looking for a realistic STP packer. Read another article: All Brand STP Packer, Harness, Brief, Underwears

Emisil GoldFinger STP Packer
FTM STP Prosthetics

Do you like to play a video review of Emisil GoldFinger STP Packer? We made a video regarding this. Look at the below.

Emisil GoldFinger STP Packer

Trans guys who use STP packers are very common nowadays. This is a basic need of a trans man youth. If you follow youtube videos, then you’ll get thousands of trans guys who are using STP packers to urinate, play and pack. This makes a trans man’s life easier.

Which STP packers can you attach with adhesives?

The Emisil 4in 1 STP Packer can be used with adhesives. This FTM packer is also called an adhesive STP packer.

How to use an STP packer?

Every FTM packer is different. You can go to your restroom and input some water into the funnel. Follow the protocol on how the water flows. Once you learned how the funnel works, and then, you’ll understand how to use an STP packer. It’s not easy or not hard. Just in middle. Try, learn, try.

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