Axolom Prince STP Packer Review: FTM Packer

While we start packing for the bottom part, we start finding small-size packing gears or FTM STP Packer. We remember we brought a 3.75-inch STP packer from Peecock. Remember, we shared a review regarding Peecock GenX. We provided a few articles regarding Chest binders, Chest Bind Tape, Clitoris Pumps, and Packing underwears.

Some Trans guys want to know which Axolom STPs should we buy. How to position it? How to buy it? So, we found an informative article: All The STP Packer According To Your Desire.


Axolom is a trans-friendly company that provides trans men products such as STP prostheses, packing underwear, T-shirts, flags, and appeals.

Axolom has different types of STPs for Trans men such as

In the post, we post a review regarding Stand To Pee Prosthetics. Axolom has a few stand-to-pee prosthetics which are different types of shapes such as:

  • Axolom Thinker
  • Axolom Knight
  • Axolom Handy
  • Axolom Prince
  • Axolom Zeus
  • Axolom Astro
  • Axolom Homerun
  • Axolom Hoodie
  • Axolom Squire

Axolom Prince

Axolom Prince is a small-size STP packer. It is soft, realistic, and small. The height is 4.41 inches and the weight is 137 grams. Two variants are available.

  1. Uncircumcised STP Packer
  2. Circumcised STP Packer

Uncircumcised STP Packer Vs Circumcised STP Packer

Uncircumcised STP Packer is known as Uncut Penis Prosthetics and also natural penis. Prosthetic is also a basic need of trans individuals. The shape is different than the cut STP packer. The funnel is still the same for the two models. Pricing is also the same. Check out the two models through the button.

Axolom Prince STP Packer Review


  1. Soft Packer.
  2. Good for packing.
  3. Regular packing is okay.
  4. Able to STP.
  5. Light Weight.
  6. Small Size STP Packer.
  7. The Scrotum looks very realistic.
  8. Very realistic than other gears.


  1. Have issues regarding Stand to Pee.
  2. Not good as standing to pee.
  3. It doesn’t set with the bottom area properly.

Would you like to purchase it? Then check out the following button.

Packing Suggestions:

To pack the Axolom Prince, we apply various packing underwear and harnesses but not found the correct packing gear that holds the packer. Then we tried Axolom FTM Packing underwear. The jockstrap is pretty nice and also comfortable. So, we suggest buying the below underwear.

Axolom FTM Packing Jockstrap

Axolom FTM Packing Trunk

We shared an honest review regarding Axolom Prince STP Packer. We believe a lot of users waiting for the real review. If you looking for stand-to-pee prosthetics, we definitely suggest Axolom Thinker, Handy, Knight, Hoodie, and Astro. But Axolom Prince is not good for STP. Yes, it is small and even lightweight. It is good as an FTM packer. And sometimes you can use it for urination.

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