Cheap FTM Packing Underwear, Stand To Pee Prosthetics, FTM Packers

Suppose, the budget is 30$. 30 means 30. You visit trans-owned stores and see a packing underwear price is 40$ excluding the shipping fee. They offer free shipping over 60$ and you haven’t money or a budget of 60$. You’ll close your browser and take a deep breath, sleep.

By the way, we did the same. Being a trans man, the first priority is helping the transgender men community, instead of making money by setting an over-price on trans-friendly products. The funny thing is you’ll gonna see their footer or timeline that “This is a trans-owned shop”. Can a trans-owned company make money by using us? I think ” No “. But they are…

I support the websites that build affordable FTM packers, stp packers, Stand to pee prosthetics , and other appeals. If a trans-owned company makes money by using us, then we’ll need to stop buying it.

A Chest binder starts from 3$. The best chest binders are 15-40$. Gc2b is doing a very good job. Their chest binder is used by us and we love them because they donate huge chest binders every month by points of pride and their free giveaway program. We had shared a list of chest binders.

Stand to Pee prosthetics

A basic STP packer price starts at 15$ and for a better STP packer, it can be 50$-350$. In this case, Transguys supply is helpful because their stand to pee prosthetics has a good quality and are under 50$. We have personally tested their products and It’s pretty good. To read the review: Transguysupply Free XL Packer Review. Plus their FTM Packers are also good and soft for packing. The price starts from 13$. Check: Transguysupply FTM STP Store

Similarly, Axolom is doing great. They donate huge STP packers to the transgender community. The best thing is “It is not a trans owned company and still doing everything that should we had to expect from the trans owned companies”. We used Axolom Thinker and shared a review of Axolom Thinker STP packer. Similarly, you may check their other Stand to pee prosthetics for under 79$.

By the way, FTMPitShop is also good for us. Though we haven’t collaborated with them but still recommend them because being a trans-owned company they have been working for us for helping to afford an STP packer. For realistic STP packers, emisil prosthetics are superb. Though their product isn’t cheap.

The FTM packing underwear can be cheap if you have brains😂. We mean you can use your brain for finding alternative FTM packing underwear under 15$. Axolom has recently launched their packing underwear. We’ll gonna review it but today we’ll share the packing underwear that you can buy at a cheap price. By the way, peecock comfort harness is too good for regular packing. We are using it regularly ( Through we paid 30$ out of pocket 😁😂🤣)

Avoiding “LGBTQ & Trans owned packing underwear” is the best option to save your money. Lol. They will gonna add a blocklist 😂 by the way, we never stop sharing using products. The products haven’t linked with our affiliate program. That means we’ll not get a commission from these products. Do you think what will be our profit? The profit is “we’ll take a single part of your heart ♥”. That’s our biggest goal.

First of all, we don’t need trans-owned companies for packing STP packers. The companies who make money by using us doing a bad thing. We need to protest them by avoiding their products. However, we don’t force anyone to take products. There are many companies who are offering packing underwear in an affordable price.

FTM Packing Device

This is a basic FTM packing device known as a cup. The price is 0.91$. The shipping fee is very less. Click: Buy Now

You can generally buy 3 combo underwear for 25$/35$. Why the underwear price should be 25$? Isn’t it too much? It can be 10-15$. But It is not. Stop buying their products. You can make handmade or custom-packing underwear at home. We did this.

10 Packing Underwears

Here are some packing underwears that you care to buy.

Best Packing underwear is essential and this is a nice packing underwear for ftm. They have a round hole and It’s easy to pack and stand to pee in front of public toilets. The price is 12.50$ and shipping charge is depending on location. Mine 5$. Buy now

This is an awesome FTM Packing boxer. You can use soft FTM packers for packing. The price is 4.63$. Click: Buy Now

This is FTM brief underwear that you use the stand to pee packers with an ftm harness. The price is 4.77. Click: Buy Now

You can use it with the packing device that we shared before. The price is nearly 5$. Click: Buy Now

Finding jockstrap? Then there are jockstraps under 5$. Check their store. Click: Buy Now

This is an amazing FTM Packing underwear. You can use it for a stand to pee packer. Using an FTM harness will be great. Click: Buy Now

This is also great for STP and FTM Packers. You may visit similar products at 25$ at known places. But the price is under 5$. Click: Buy Now

The picture looks like an FTM harness. Why not try it? The price is 4.77$. Click: Buy Now

I think you can use it as an FTM harness by doing a round hole and plus you need to swill it on your own by using cotton and a needle. Click: Buy Now. Let us show a example. How to make a ftm harness at home

Thank you for reading. We understand this article can discourage you to buy expensive things but we just want to save your money. On the other hand, if our voice can touch the trans-owned businessman’s hearts, they’ll start reducing their price. But this can be possible if you stop buying products from them.

Remember, your budget isn’t cheap. So, we keep protecting by alternative methods.

One thing: If the shipping fee isn’t friendly according to your location and budget, then you should avoid it.

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