Talk About FTM Bottom Growth: DHT Cream For Transgender

This article is related to bottom growth. We know after taking testosterone, we feel the growth of the clitoris. But do you know before starting testosterone, the FTM bottom growth is still possible by DHT cream? The article is only for those who want to grow FTM bottom growth.

Yes, You heard the right thing. It seems impossible but it happens. We have seen some results on transbusket where a trans man shows the comparison of before t and after testosterone and after meta. This is very normal who have to take testosterone for 6-12 months. After taking a couple of testosterone shots, there is some growth of the FTM clitoris.

After taking DHT gel, the size can be increased to 2-4 cm. it depends on the body. Some trans men aren’t comfortable with bottom growth but some trans guys like to grow their FTM growth.

3 ways to grow FTM bottom growth

  1. Hormone Replacement Therapy
  2. FTM Clitrios Pumping
  3. DHT Cream / DHT Gel

Let’s show some brief.

Hormone Replacement Therapy:

For trans men, Hormone replacement therapy means to increase testosterone level by t shots and reducing the estrogen level. It is depending on the body. Hormone therapy includes some good and bad effects such as facial and body hair growths, pain in the bottom side, stop periods, voice deepening, converting your voice from female to male, etc. Clitoris is growing from small to bigger(2-4 cm). Hormone therapy is a great way to grow FTM bottom growth.

FTM Clitrios Pumping

FTM Clitrios Pumping helps to grow the clitoris larger and it’s working well for many transmen. There are many trans guys who shared their bottom growth by FTM Pump. This is only possible if you have at least 2 cm or are on testosterone. Do you want to know more about pumping? Then read the article: FTM Bottom Growth through Pumping.

DHT Cream / DHT Gel

The full meaning of DHT is Dihydrotestosterone. This is a synthetic version of the hormone of testosterone. But it works 25x than Tetsostorone. This is mainly used for children and hormone deficiencies. In the market, this is also known as Andractim and DHT Dikator. According to Wikipedia, It is also used for breast and small penis development.

FTM Bottom growth can be helpful by DHT gel. There are many positive feedbacks in the Trans men community. But there are some feedbacks that haven’t gotten any results. In some countries, DHT( Andractim) Gel isn’t available. Only a few companies manufacture the medicine.

Here are some side effects:

  1. Hair Loss/Gain
  2. Mood swings and irritability
  3. Excessive energy or signs of being hyperactive
  4. Weight gain
  5. Extra hair growth
  6. Hoarseness
  7. Oily skin
  8. Penis Developement
  9. Acne

We have found some websites that are proving DHT Cream. We can’t share the link because of privacy. Please search “Superpharma DHT Dikator” and “andractim gel”. In India, some company provides medicine. If you have a friend, you can ask for help. Pricing is 100$-300$.

Nowadays It’s almost impossible to get real DHT cream. Some guys tell us Dikator is a fake cream and it doesn’t work properly. We research multiple times to get a way and from some Facebook group, we heard it can get easily if surgeon prescribes it. We aren’t sure. But let it try.

Some people have multiple questions. We would like to share our research work and answers. All questions are made by us and created according to a trans man’s mind.

Can I grow clitoris after metoidioplasty surgery?

Yes, It’s possible. In the previous post, we shared it’s not possible but we are wrong. After 6 months of metoidioplasty surgery, some plastic surgeons suggest vacuum pumping. We have seen some results after metoidioplasty surgery and the neophallus looks bigger. Some surgeon says the penis size can be 4-12 cm after meta.

Can I do penetrative sex after sex?

Yes, it’s possible. Some trans guys share their experiences.

How to look my penis bigger after metoidioplasty surgery?

Everyone likes to show their penis bigger. We have got some information regarding these. We have found a transthetics product that can fulfill the needs. The product is made for trans men and cis man who have a small penis. You can use it the whole day without any packer and pee by it. Here is the image and instructions

Meta Extension

The meta extension is realistic and lightweight. Even you can hold it with your existing anatomy. It looks like your penis is a bit bigger. On the other hand, it is very comfortable for wearing. The trans guy who has at least 1-2 cm, can wear it. The price is 185$. If you feeling tight, don’t forget to contact them. They will try to help you for loss.

Find an alternative meta extension under 50$?

There are many trans guys who can’t afford transthetics. We respect everyone’s needs. We know, transthetics meta extension is very well. As trans guys facing budget issues, we would love to share alternative products.

The meta extension is also known as a banana packer. We have found a banana packer for under 50$ and including the shipping fee, it’s budget-friendly. Let us show you the packer.

Banana Packer ( Meta Extension )

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  1. I mean, if Diktator is fake, guess my growth is too? I’ve gained 1 cm of growth in a month compared to 2 cm over 7 months. It makes me hard when I put it on, similar to how I’d get hard when I put my t gel on


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