All in One 100 FTM Stand to Pee Prosthetics

An STP packer is an essential thing to a transgender male. Like Chest Binders, STP Packer is the top product of 5 Essential Products for Transmen. The pride shirts are also a basic need of trans guys. Basically to be a man we don’t need a penis but it is also important to feel comfortable. Many transgender individuals have bottom dysphoria. Some guys don’t like STP Packer and finding alternative STP devices. Then, You can try Spouti Urinary Aid. Alternatively, some guys want separate STP devices such as Erect STP Packers (Pack N Play Packers), FTM Packers, and Stand to pee packers.

Are you looking for an STP Packer?

If you read the article, I hope you will find your STP packer in this list. In the list, we discuss the cheap STP packers and expensive STP packers. The article will provide you with some responsive STP packers. Read all the recommendations and buy them for yourself. If you also looking for chest binders or Chest Bind Tape, then you can read the best chest binders that maximum transman’s favorite. The chest binders should be budget-friendly. So, we include all the budget-friendly and breathable chest binders.

Do you know nobody likes to talk about bottom growth? We did. We shared the topic of Bottom Growth by DHT Cream and Clitoris Pumping and also FTM Beard Growth tips.

Why STP packer is important?

It’s totally up/depends to you what you need and how you want to live. Bottom dysphoria is a very common problem for some transgender men. If you have bottom dysphoria or you need prosthetics to feel comfortable, then an STP packer is very important to you.

What is Stand to Pee Prosthetics/ STP packer?

Stand to Pee Prosthetics/ STP packer is a device. This is an important device or prosthetic for transgender males. It helps to stand to pee. Everyone wishes to buy the best stand to pee prosthetics for himself.

How do find all the Stand to Pee Prosthetics in one list?

Maybe you have visited many articles to find all the STP packers but didn’t find any list. So, we decide we share all the STP packer lists in one content. The article provides all the STP packers and our suggestions about which is better for you. Read the articles so that we can know about the list.

How do you use the STP packer to stand to pee in the bathroom?

Good question. We have made a video about how you use the Stand to Pee Prosthetics in the bathroom or How to pee by standing in front of the toilet. Because of the private video, you must click to watch on YouTube and log in with your Google account. We have made a YouTube channel that is related to the FTM transaction timeline where er upload packing and other important tricks of FTM transgender life. Click here – FTM Trans Masculine

AXOLOM Prosthetics

Axolom provides the best quality full STP packers for trans guys. They are very supportive and they made it with love and care. It’s a new company that started the business at the end of 2020. They provide the best quality with affordable pricing. The Penis prosthetics look very realistic. We suggest the three products for your purchase. They provide 3in1 STP packers for trans and FTM packers for trans guys.

Axolom Thinker STP Packer

3in1 Thinker STP Packer

Thinker STP Packer is the best 3in 1 STP packer and a cheap Stand to Pee Prosthetics under 60$. We recommend it because we have personally tested their quality. The cup size is small but that doesn’t leak pee. We are very satisfied with their quantity and customer service. The price is 59$. We have personally tested the product and shared a review. Read the detailed Think STP Packer Review.

Knight 3-IN-1 STP Packer with Pleasure Edges

5. Knight 3-IN-1 STP Packer with Pleasure Edges

The Knight is a circumcised FTM STP Stand to Pee Prosthetics ) with no-spill lips and pleasure ridges. The price is 79$(Offer price) for now. The original price is 135$. They provide worldwide shipping.

AXOLOM Astro 3-IN-1 STP With Pleasure Ridges

AXOLOM Astro 3-IN-1 best STP packer With Pleasure Ridges

Astro is an uncircumcised stand-to-pee with no-spill lips. It has very detailed veins and folds, pleasure ridges, and gives a decent bulge. Its large cup has curved edges that sit comfortably against the body when comes time to empty one’s bladder. It is also very flexible and easy to wash (it is possible to flip the cup inside out to do so). The price is 75$.

AXOLOM Handy 3 IN 1 Liquid Silicone Best STP Packer

Handy is perfect for those who are new to FTM STP. It is circumcised, comes with no-spill lips, and has a long and slender cup. Moreover, it has detailed veins and small balls, but it overall gives a good bulge. It is also very flexible and easy to wash (it is possible to flip the cup inside out to do so). The “Handy” model does not come with pleasure ridges. The price is 79$.

Axolom O Ring STP Packing Underwear

Axolom has launched its FTM packing underwear for stand-to pee. With this underwear, you will be able to pee in front of the toilets. They released three FTM packing underwear. The price is 15$-16$ only. It is very budget-friendly.

axolom o ring STP FTM packing underwear

Axolom FTM packing underwear for STP packer

FTM packing underwear Axolom

We highly recommend this packing underwear for ftm trans guys. It gives us the better and more comfortable day that we wish for. We have tested the products personally and Let’s share some of our images.

Note for first-time users, we strongly recommend that you practice in the shower before attempting to use it in public. Even if you have had success with other STPs in the past, every STP is different and requires some getting used to

Mrimin Penis Prosthetics

Mrimin Basic 1 STP Packer

mrimin stp packers

Mrimin Prosthetics provides good quality STP packers among trans guys and non-binary people. The basic 1 of Mrimin Prosthetics is quite a cheap stand to pee prosthetics and it’s good for a transgender. The price is 17$. The quality of Mrimin packers is good for regular use and budget-friendly. For more pictures, you may check the buy now link. Using the ” TransLGBTQ ” this code you can get a 5% discount.

Mrimin Basic 3 STP Packer

mrimin compact stp packer

The basic 3 STP packer of mrimin prosthetics in 2in 1 STP packer means you will only be able to stand to pee and pack. You can’t use this packer for play or sexual intercourse. The price is 20$ and this product looks similar to emisil compact STP packer though both have their quality. This pricing is affordable and it’s easy for packing. Check out this now.

Mrimin 3in 1 STP Packer

Mrimin 3in 1 STP Packer

Mrimin Prosthetics provides cheap STP packers at affordable pricing. This packer cost only 36$. They also offer free shipping for some locations. This STP packer has a pleasure rod that you can use for play. This is the best STP packer for the trans guys who haven’t much budget for a packer. We are trying to find these packers that are affordable and have good quality. You can able to pee and play by using these STP prosthetics. Check out this now. Using the ” TransLGBTQ ” this code you can get a 5% discount.

Mrimin Ultra Realistic STP Prosthetics

Mrimin Ultra Realistic STP Prosthetics

This ultra-realistic prosthetic is a cheap stand to pee packer of Mrimin. They supply super realistic products at good pricing. The price of an ultra-realistic STP packer is 60$. This is good for the trans guys who are discovering realistic packers under 60$. This packer is super soft. Using “TransLGBTQ” you may get a 5% discount. Check out this instantly.

This FTM prosthetic is very soft and good for peeing and packing. The best thing is the price is 60$. It’s hard to get a very realistic STP packer for under 60$. We understand that you may feel It’s cheap but no. It has good quality and It’s a body comfortable product.

This packer STP looks realistic. The packer is known as a realistic STP packer. This is also a cheap Packer FTM. The price is 97$. This is a 3-in-1 STP packer. You can check more pictures. Free shipping is also available for a few locations. Check this now.

For these 3-in-1 Packers or Ftm Packers, you may need ftm packing underwear. Mrimin launched some packing underwear for users.

Mrimin FTM Packing Harness


Mrimin FTM Packing Button Underwear


Adhesive STP Packers

Adhesive STP packer is called Silicone prosthetics that are assembled to the skin of a human’s body. It feels like you already have the organ without any surgery. It is like something that brings or feels happiness.

This is an adhesive STP packer that you can use after metoidioplasty surgery. It is also for the person who likes adhesive FTM packers. The texture looks like a real penis. This is also a cheap FTM packer. The price is 106$. This is a very realistic FTM packer. You can check the pictures for a better look.

This is an ftm adhesive STP packer. A person who doesn’t like an artificial scrotum may help them. It is also using post-meta. It is a helpful Product. It includes standing to pee. We don’t suggest it for play. It’s so soft. It is a handmade product. The skin texture or vein is clearly painted. You will love this one. Check out for more pictures. Use ” TransLGBTQ” for a 5% discount.

FTM Best Expensive STP Packer under 500$

Emisil serves the best STP prosthetics for transgender guys. The packers are very soft and realistic. If you find expensive and the best STP prosthetics, then you should buy emisil packers only. Their products are very popular. Maximum transman shares their positive reviews on youtube. We prefer some best FTM prosthetics in the below. They ship worldwide. We have reviewed the Emisil Goldfinger STP Packer a few months ago.

Emisil Compact STP Packer

Price: 110$
  • Best Emisil STP Packer
  • Expensive STP Packer
  • Realistic FTM STP Packer
  • Emisil Soft STP PACKER

Flip-N-Tuck Cut STP Packer

Price: 164$
  • Best STP Packer
  • Expensive STP Packer
  • Realistic FTM STP Packer

Hugo 3-in-1 STP

Price: 95.00
  • Best STP Packer
  • 3in 1 STP Packer
  • Realistic FTM STP Packer

Model A STP

Price: $80.00


Price: $70.00

Best STP Packer under 50$


  • Cheap STP Packer under 50$
  • Easy to use
  • Harness
  • Small STP Packer


  • Cheap STP Packer under 30$
  • Easy to use
  • Harness

SlingShot Harness STP Packer

Price: 22$
  • Cheap STP Packer under 30$
  • Easy to use
  • Harness


Price: 12$


  • Cheap STP Packer under 30$
  • Easy to use
  • Harness


Price: 26$

Archer STP Packer

  • Cheap STP Packer under 45$
  • Easy to use
  • Harness

Performance Stand to Pee prosthetics

Price: 15$
  • Cheap STP Packer under 15$
  • Easy to use
  • Realistic
  • FTM Cheap Best STP Packer

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