Axolom Squire STP Packer Review: FTM Packer

At the beginning of our FTM transaction, we find small STP packers at cheap pricing. It’s because we aren’t interested to carry big STP packers in the beginning or it makes us awkward. So, we choose to help the trans guys to have a 3-in-1 STP packer which is small and good for pee and packing.

In the case of packing, it also works well. The packer size is 3.7- 4.3 inches. The scrotum texture looks real. We haven’t many complaints regarding their outlooks. But we will share some negative reviews regarding the stand to pee prosthetics when we used it. But It’s depending the person who is using it.

Intro: Axolom Squire STP Packer

Axolom Squire is a small STP packer. The price is 59$. The height is 4.3 inches. The veins and scrotum texture look realistic. It’s a 3 in 1 STP Packer.

FTM Packing Guide:

As axolom is a semi-soft packer. You can use Axolom Boxers. It’s good for packing. But It’s unable for urination. You can pack all day easily.

If you would like to use it for urination, then you can use Axolom O ring STP underwear or Rodeoh STP underwear. It’s good for peeing.

Axolom has pleasure ridges and a pleasure rod. You can use it for sexual intercourse with your partner.

Besides all the positive sides, we have found some negative sides that we would like to share with you guys. No matter what the cost is! Axolom wants us for sharing honest feedback. The great thing is they never argue with any feedback. They are still improving on our feedback.

Positive Reviews:

  • Good for Packing.
  • Soft FTM packer.
  • The scrotum is realistic.
  • The hole is okay.
  • The inside area is too small. It makes packing smoothly.
  • Good as a small STP packer.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Very lightweight.

Negative Reviews:

  • Not good for pee (the personal experience wasn’t good ).
  • Due to your small height, your partner may not happy.
  • The funnel is okay but can’t handle the overflow. It’s only possible if you control your urination.
  • Sometimes it moves away from the position.

The review we shared that based on a personal journey with Axolom Squire. But you may not face the issues. Like we are regularly using a 5.3-inch STP packer. So, it may happen for it. The small STP packer is also important for us. We also used a 3.75-inch STP packer at the beginning of our journey. It’s okay for you also.

Do we recommend the Axolom Squire?

Not Sure. It’s good for packing. So, for the person who wants to buy for packing and sexual intercourse, then It’s perfect. But we don’t suggest using it as a stand-to-pee prosthetic. It may sometimes leak the pee.

Which Packing underwear is suitable for holding the axolom squire?

Axolom Boxers are suitable for it. Let’s have a view. The price range 10-25$. It was very cheap.

Axolom Underwear

axolom harness

Two colours are available. Let’s choose your Favourite colour between the two. For us, white is our favourite choice.

How to pee with a STP packer?

We have made a video on how to pee with a STP packer. During the video, we used Axolom Thinker STP. It is one of our favourite packers.

STP Packers Giveaway

Axolom and other STP prosthetics companies donate FTM packers in their giveaway. Axolom shares its giveaway on its Instagram and Facebook Pages. You can own an STP packer by following and joining their giveaway.

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