Budget-Friendly Best Chest Binders List

You might have found many articles where you reach some idea about chest binders. Chest binders are a regular wearing product. So there is no option of compromise. Isn’t it?

I have already used so many binders and collected some reviews from FTM transgender and also from women. But in this article, I want to highlight transgender more times. I also mention the women’s chest binder. Because women use it for many years.

What is a chest binder?

Binder means bind which helps you to flat your chest from the outside. Chest binder calls the innerwear which helps you to get a flat chest and you can keep hiding your breasts.

Why chest binder is important?

Actually, it’s up to individuals. If anyone like not to hide their breasts, then don’t do binding. But still, there are a lot of people who feel a chest binder that helps to flatten their chest. Or sometimes help to decrease chest dysphoria.

What is chest dysphoria?

Chest dysphoria is basically for FTM transgender assigned female by birth but identified as male. Their biological gender is not matched with his spirit. That’s why they use a chest binder until the top surgery is completed.

What is FTM top surgery?

Top surgery is called the procedure of removal of breasts tissues and skin. An FTM transgender’s dream is to get top surgery as soon as possible. Sometimes it takes a long time.

Why do women wear chest binders or sports bras?

Chest Binder is mainly used for tight their breasts. That means it will look like masculine chests.

Before using any chest binders you should follow these:

  1. Use 8-10 hours a day
  2. Don’t sleep with it.
  3. Don’t swim in it.
  4. Don’t overuse.
  5. Don’t wear so tight. It may damage breasts tissue. Etc

Which is the Best Chest Binder 2022?

The question is hard to say but we find out a list of some really Best Chest Binders in 2022. So if you looking for Best Chest Binder 2022, then you get the correct product list. Here is a similar article that is related to Best Chest Binder for FTM trans Guys

Chest Binders of Gc2B is a chest binders company that provides high-quality and breathable chest binders for trans guys. It is a highly rated company by trans guys. Here are some chest binders of GC2B.

Best Chest Binders List

  1. Gc2b Chest Binder
  2. Fytist Chest Binder
  3. NYTC Chest Binder
  4. Cotton Chest Binders
  5. Econo Chest Binders


The NUDE NO. 2 RACERBACK is my first choice and I use this chest binder. I feel comfortable with this and it is the essential part of using a binder. On the first day, It feels like you are very happy when you got this. We heard the chest binders company (gc2b) from many trans guys.

There are many people who can’t afford the binder but if you connect with points of pride, you may get a free chest binder. I found the company a bit more helpful than others. So, I recommended this chest binder 2022 and you can buy it anytime.


This chest binder is longer than the 1st chest binder. Some people like to wear full-body covered(chest to hip) chest binders. So, this one is for them. The comfort is similar to the first chest binder. We highly loved this NUDE NO. 5 TANK chest binder because I feel discomfort with the first one. It’s because that’s not covered belly. To buy this click the link – NUDE NO. 5 TANK Chest Binder

Fytist Chest Binders

Fytist is a new company that provides good quality chest binders. These binders are reviewed by many people. They provide chest binders for big chests and small chests. We know transmen and girls can wear fytist chest binders for more than 6-7 hours. This is the best chest binder for them. The price range is under 50$.

Fytist Half chest binder’s price is 40$. The chest binder has some benefits. We would like to tell you:

  1. breathe freely for up to 8hrs
  2. Well Flatten Silhouette
  3. Seamless* & fray-less
  4. Bound to stay in place
  5. Sweat-Wicking Front Panel and moisture management
  6. Designed with Revolutionary LYCRA fabric ( Lycra Mode)
  7. No reveal/invisible design

Fytist Half Chest Binders For Small Chests

Fytist Chest Binders

Fytist Half Chest Binders For Big Chests

Fytist Chest Binders

Fytist Long Chest Binders

The price of fytist long chest binders is 40$. You can check availability by checking the buy now button.

Cotton Concealer Chest Binder

As I said I give you the best chest binder list, so this Cotton Concealer Chest Binder is one of the best chest binders. It’s because it is made of cotton and that gives comfort. Like the gc2b, it is also a great chest binder. I got many positive reviews from trans guys.

The company owner made this chest binder for especially transgender men or trans men. From the gc2b list, I understand that they made the binders for lesbians also. But from the transguys, I know the chest binders are a valuable product for trans guys. But if others want to buy or wear it, then you can purchase it. I give alternative chest binder lists from different companies that are made of cotton.

Cotton-Lined Tri-Top Binder

Cotton-Lined Tri-Top Binder

Cotton-Lined Tri-Top Chest binder is made of cotton and It’s breathable. Trans men & Cis men who have large breasts, can use the binder. It’s fine for summer use. If you are looking for cotton chest binders, then it might be the right choice for you.

Extreme Chest Concealer Binder

Extreme Chest Concealer Binder

The Extreme Chest Concealer is an amazing chest binder with so many positive reviews. The chest binder covers your full body from top to belly. It gives relaxation and It’s comfortable to use regularly and also breathable.

NYTC Chest Binders

NYTC offers breathable chest binders to the transgender community. It’s specially made for FTM trans guys. It’s adjusted to the body and the chest looks flatten. This is a high-selling product of Transguysupply and early2bed. There are many positive reviews if you visit the following link. The price is budget-friendly. There are few collections of NYTC chest binders. We include NYTC in our Best Chest binders List.

NYTC Long Binder

chest binder

NYTC Mid Binder

NyTC Mid chest binder

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