The Best STP Packers in Affordable Pricing (Honest STP Packers Review)

While we start talking STP Packers(Stand to pee prosthetics), we find out the companies that provide these products. When we want to buy it, we see the pricing is not adjustable to our budget. Finding the best chest binders also? Read the Best Chest Binders that help you the most.

Most of the trans guys don’t know to purchase an STP Packer, But it’s now super easy. Check out the article: How to buy a FTM STP Packer.

Maximum the best STP Packer providers pricing starts from 300$. Including the shipping fee, we see It’s very costly for us. We are always wishing to buy an STP packer which has great quality. Because of its pricing, the trans masculine won’t buy it. unfortunately, It’s very expensive for trans beginners & also for those who can’t afford it.

We found a company that provides quality stp packers at affordable pricing. The company’s goal is not only business but also helping the people who needed it most. We want to reveal the company name because of your necessity. The company name is AXOLOM.

Axolom Thinker

Journey of Axolom FTM STP Packers

Axolom starts their journey just a year ago & their stp packers are suitable for any trans man. It’s made with original silicone. The silicone is 100% body-safe. You can use axolom packers regularly without any issues.

The pricing of AXOLOM Packers starts at 29$ & ends at 79$. We don’t say to buy it but we want to say It’s good for you. You may get the best packer as we found. We received a stand-to-pee prosthetic from axolom a few days ago & use it regularly. It’s good for pee. I used another company product ( PEECOCK GENX). That wasn’t good for pee. It was soft but I wasn’t happy because of leaking pee. I faced it issue for axolom for the first time but now I don’t face any issues.

The stand-to-pee prosthetic should be real. That’s the reason I liked the axolom stp packers. The shape is very original. I feel like It’s my penis.

Let’s show a little review. The STP packer is an axolom thinker STP packer.

Axolom Circumcised Thinker STP Packer

Axolom Thinker STP packer

The Thinker Stp packer(circumstance) is enough good for trans guys. The stand to pee penis shape is genuine. It’s a little hard but it won’t make any issues with using it.

As they said you don’t need to use powder because of original silicone product doesn’t need powder. But you may feel some itching, you can use powder on the side where you feel itching. But you don’t need to use powder in the packers.

I ordered a package & receive it within some days. The packaging quality is quite excellent than others. Though I feel It’s most important to have a pouch. I hope they will provide a pouch in the future.

To buy the stand-to-pee packer, please check out

I opened the package & get the stand-to-pee prosthetic(the rod wasn’t ready at that time), a key ring, flag, etc.

Axolom Thinker Stp packer

It’s the thinker stp packer. It’s very realistic, soft & classic. Obviously, It’s the best FTM packers because of pricing & quality.

I tried three or four times as a trial for peeing in the bathroom. The first time It leaked pee. Then I try again. The second time it leaked some pee. But after the second time, the third & fourth time is totally okay. I start using it regularly.

How to Stand to Pee with A STP Packer

Check out the following link: How to Stand to Pee with A STP Packer

I shared my feedback with the trans guys so that they get the best ftm packers. I know trans beginners buy their first packer within 30-40$ but if you think 59$ can give you the feel of having a great packer, then you should buy the packer after having or saving your money.

The Axolom Thinker Rod

  • Best Stand To pee packer

Your money shouldn’t be wasted on the wrong products. You may check all products but the cost is much higher than your budget. Pick one which is great for you.

Packing the THINKER STP packer is now very easy with Axolom Packing underwear. We start using their STP Jockstrap, boxers, and trunks. We found the packing gear trans-friendly. This is also budget-friendly. We would like to share the Packing underwear review with you guys.

Axolom Packing Underwear For FTM STP

If you say how many ratings to give the packer, then I say in my opinion it’s 4.7 stars. Overall I think it’s better ftm prothetic than others.

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