How a Trans Man Starts Hormone Therapy In The Beginning

The hormone is an important part of the human body. In the female body, the testosterone Hormone Therapy level is very low. For that, a trans man needs to take testosterone Hormone Therapy for physical changes. Otherwise, they feel very dysphoric.

How a trans man start Hormone Therapy?

Do you want to know How a trans man Starts Hormone Therapy step by step? Click to read full information about it. Read more details about how to come out as a transman to their family and friends.

At first, you need to visit an endocrinologist to test Hormones. As a transman, you will need a document from a psychiatrist for why you want to take HRT.

Your psychiatrist will give you a letter/document about gender dysphoria. Then go to the endocrinologist & tell him your needs. He/she will check your blood pressure & test some reports about your body.

Then, the doctor will give you a prescription regarding hormone treatment. The endocrinologist will give you 100mg for starting. He will guide you.

You need to test the results of your hormone every month. The report will help to give you information about your body.

Testosterone is a very important part for trans men. Trans men are very excited about it.

Some Q N A  regarding transgender hormonereplacement therapy and flat chest

When does Testosterone Change my voice?

Most probably 4-5 months. Your voice will change within 4-6 months. In some cases, the changes can be updated later.

What does hormone therapy do for transgender?

Hormone therapy helps to change transgender’s voice and every transgender person would take hormone replacement therapy for physical changes like voice deep, face change.

What is chest binder ftm?

Chest binder FTM means the binder which is to use transgender males or trans men to bind their breasts. They feel uncomfortable in their body. That’s the reason they use FTM chest binders.

What is the best chest binder for ftm from Underworks?

The G2cb is one of the best chest binders. You can buy chest binders from Amazon and other websites also by following the article – Best Chest Binder on Amazon & Best chest binders FTM which gets the best reviews from transman

What is the best chest binder for ftm?

A chest binder is like one kind of binding breasts. A transgender male who has large breasts likes to use binders to feel comfortable.

How to flatten your chest FTM without a binder?

Every transgender wishes for a flat chest in a dream. Some people start gyming at home. If you do exercise, you may get a flat chest. If you don’t like the gym, you can’t get flat chests.

What stores sell ftm chest binders?

Amazon, fluxion, g2cb, early 2 bed, trans guys supply sell chest binders on their website. Most people may interested in having breathable and comfortable chest binders, FTM Gears, underwear, etc.

How to get hormone replacement therapy for transgender?

At first, a psychiatrist or psychologist gives you documents of gender dysphoria and ready for hormone replacement therapy. After that, an endocrinologist takes your report for hormones.

How does transgender hormone therapy work?

When you take hormones, you will notice some effects of the hormone. You will notice the effects after two weeks of taking hormones.

What will be like after taking hormone therapy transgender?

There are many transgender male who share their pictures on Instagram. You can see some pictures in the below.

  • transman before after
  • How a Trans Man starts Hormone Therapy In The Beginning
  • How a Trans Man starts Hormone Therapy In The Beginning
  • How a Trans Man starts Hormone Therapy In The Beginning

What is hormone therapy for transgender?

Testosterone for the female-to-male transformation and progesterone for the male-to-female transformation.

How much is hormone replacement therapy for transgender?

Most transgender take for the first time 100-150mg for two or three years. After 2-3 years, the hormone will be low like 50mg.

What is hormone therapy for transgender?

Testosterone(for transgender male) & progesterone(for transgender female)

How to start hormone replacement therapy for transgender?

At first, the transgender person has to meet the hormone therapist. If your age is under 18, your parents are required for HRT. If you are above 18 years old, you can take hormone therapy by an endocrinologist.

How does hormone therapy work for transgender?

When a transgender takes Hormone, they will get results after 3 weeks. For transgender male voice is going to be very deep within a year.

Is transgender hormone replacement therapy safe?

Yes. It is safe. But in some cases, we got a negative report also. Some transgender face some issues regarding hormones therapy. Therefore there are many positive reviews.

What is a doctor who does transgender hormone therapy?

The Endocrinologist is called a hormone therapist. They do treatment for transgender persons.

How to get on hormone replacement therapy for transgender?

Do you have GID documents or have visited with a psychiatrist & endocrinologist for gender identity dysphoria documents? If yes, you can order Hormones Therapy from an online pharmacy.

How long is hormones therapy for transgender?

Some people say you have to take it for a long time or a lifetime. But from some you tubers we collect that you should take Hormones Therapy must 15 years. Not sure about that because everyone’s body reacts differently.

How long is hormone replacement therapy for transgender?

Maybe 12 years or 15 years. Depends on the body. The hormone therapist will say that.

Who does hormonal therapy for transgenders?


Is hormone therapy required for transgendered?

No, it is not required that everyone should take HRT who are transgender. It depends on what you want. Hormones Therapy just helps to get a depression-free life like you can see a mirror of what you want to see yourself. The hormone helps to get self-confidence. But some people can’t take it because of some issues in their bodies. There are lots of people who’s body react very badly after taking hormones. So they stop Hormone but it’s not mean they are fake transgender. After all, transgender is what you feel inside and against outside.

Can you have children after transgender taking hormone?

Yes, they can.

Transgender hormone effects on voice?

Yes, the hormone helps a lot to change voice.

Is hrt safe for transgender?

Yea. It is safe.

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