The Grey Fluxion Chest Binder Review Ultimate Solution of Binding

Whenever we start finding high-quality and affordable chest binders, we google it and are confused about which should gonna buy. The last we reviewed the Gc2b chest binders, as we didn’t like the gc2b binders, we started searching for new chest binders. Now what? we found a chest binder company that makes us comfortable and has a good day. Today we write about Fluxion Chest binders.

Fluxion Chest Binder

Fluxion is a new chest binder company. They started their journey at the end of 2023. The Fluxion Team offers 30 days-return policy. At first, we thought the quality may be the same as Fytist but it is something else. The branding and fabric quality are awesome. We are happy to say this Fluxion chest binder can be your first and favourite. Let’s reach the product. The best chest binders for plus size

Fluxions has 6 half chest binders in various colors such as

  1. Fluxion Blue Chest Binder
  2. Fluxion Black Chest Binder
  3. Fluxion Grey Chest Binder
  4. Fluxion White Chest Binder
  5. Fluxion Nude Chest Binder
  6. Fluxion Green Chest Binder

Half Blue Fluxion Chest Binder: Best Chest Binders 2024

Half Grey Fluxion Chest Binder

Half Grey Fluxion Chest Binder is a high-quality binder. Fluxion has 6 different colours such as white, black, grey, blue, nude, and green. This one is Grey. I chose Grey because I love colors. It’s very comfortable with any clothes such as cotton or others. The binders have some unique features that help you to use the binder regularly and without having back pain. Most of the chest binders cause backside pain for a long time. It is unfortunately for us who have large chests. Finally, this chest binder is absolutely for large breasts. It is one of the Best Chest Binders 2024.

The Fluxion Chest Binder is made of Lycra and spandex. Both are good fabrics. The fabric is safe for our bodies. Before Fluxion, Fytist also made their binders with Lyca. So, Lyca was used before.

Half Blue Fluxion Chest Binder: Best Chest Binders 2024

Best Binders for Big Chests

The Fluxion team offers the best binders for big chests which are needed for many days. Big chest guys are suffering from the size issue. Most chest binders aren’t capable or fit for their chests but Fluxion binders are the best chest binders for large breasts. So, you can proudly walk anywhere. Due to COVID-19, we couldn’t talk much and that was my reason to have a fat belly… Hahaha. Lol 😛

I know this is our emotional point to look fit and cool in front of others. Because of our large weight, we feel sometimes embraced in front of the public. Now the problem will be solved. By the grace of the lord, we have now a good chest binder. People from the USA, Canada, India, and even Bangladesh can buy Fluxion binders by searching “Best chest binders Canada or USA“. The chest binder is highly recommended as Best Chest Binders 2024.

Fluxion Chest Binder Feedback:


  1. Good Fabric.
  2. Long-Lasting Product.
  3. Can use up to 7-8 hours a day.
  4. Can wash easily.
  5. It can easily be wearable.
  6. Best for Summer use.
  7. A stretchable back design reduces back pain.
  8. Smooth Fabric and user-friendly chest binders for trans guys.

Fluxion Chest Binder


  1. Sometimes it feels it’s very tight. I used two sizes (L, and XL). XL size is suitable for me. Sometimes L size is okay but sometimes it feels very tight. So, I recommend buying two sizes so that your journey will be safe and you can use it smoothly.
  2. Lyca is a soft fabric. But only 20% cotton was used.

Let me share some close images that I captured:

Half Blue Fluxion Chest Binder: Best Chest Binders 2024

Fluxion Packaging was good. There is a small letter and protection. There is a two-layer shield for better protection in the Inner side.

Half Black Fluxion Chest Binder Review

Looks good manufacturing and better protection for long-lasting.

Half Blue Fluxion Chest Binder: Best Chest Binders 2024

I was amazed when I checked the company offers a 30-day refund policy in case of unsatisfied. Wow. It feels like they are so confident about their product. This has not happened before. Most chest binder companies can offer a 7-day refund policy, but Fluxion is different. We know the brand is new and they need to reach more people. The chest binders aren’t only for transgender men, it’s for women, tom-boys and others also.

We asked about the long chest binders, they said it is coming soon. I’m excited to see it. We tried to wear it. Though I had top surgery in 2021, I put some small cotton clothes inside to check if it’s suitable.

Half Blue Fluxion Chest Binder: Best Chest Binders 2024

I put my mobile camera to test how Fluxion’s chest binder looks from the outside. And I’m shocked. It looks perfect. It reminds me something about my past when I haven’t done top surgery. When I put my first binder in 2019, it looked okay but the binder was too tight because the chest binder price was cheap and the fabric wasn’t good.

I used the binder for a whole year. I had no choice at that time because I did not have enough money to afford it. Then I brought a Gc2b chest binder in 2021 but I wasn’t comfortable with it. I thought all of the chest binders were the same. Then the Fluxion chest binder realises me that I’m wrong and trans and other guys deserve a good chest binder for themself.

Maybe Gc2b Chest binders are comfortable for winter use. They are also doing good work for trans guys by donating chest binders. Many transgender beginners can’t afford binders. So, for them, Gc2b is like lord.

In this post, I want to thank the Fluxion team for making the good quality binders. The chest binders are perfect for large chests and small chests. So, let’s try their chest binders and provide them with your review. That’s how they can grow day by day. For their refund policy, you can buy their chest binders without hesitation.

You can wear a T-shirt on it and you’ll forget that you have something.

Fluxion Chest Binder: Best Chest Binders 2024

How did the Fluxion chest binders last?

From my experience, you can use it regularly for 9-14 months. After that, you need to change your binder. We suggest to buy two binders together. Keep your binders dry. You can swim with your binder if swimming makes you happy. But remove the binder slowly. It’s not hard. So, you can pack off easily.

We added this Fluxion Chest binder in Best Chest binders 2024 because the chest binder is made with good fabric and it can last 1 year without issues. The binder can save many trans guys from chest dysphoria. We know how bad the chest dysphoria is! The quality of chest binders are important matter of safety for FTM Trans guys. Because we’ll go for top surgery after some months or years. Our Breasts shouldn’t be damaged by using the wrong binders.

Half Black Fluxion Chest Binder: Best Chest Binder 2024

To buy this Half GreyFluxion Chest Binder, you can check the link. We use our affiliate link to generate a few commissions. We(TransLGBTQ) never sell reviews for money or commissions. Before providing reviews, we checked their quality and policies. The quality looks fine from us. Now it’s your choice to buy or choose another binder. We respect your choice and your time. For more information about Best Chest Binders 2024, Budget Friendly Chest Binders, and FTM Chest Binders For Trans guys, you can simply click on the link.

Thank you for reading the article. We feel we have shared a great review of Half Grey Fluxion Chest Binder with you guys. If possible, share your feedback after using 14 days. We’ll include more info in future.

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