What’s Happened If A Transman Stops Testosterone Therapy

Sometimes our mind asks the question what’s happened if a trans guy stopped their Testosterone Therapy? Even we ask ourselves. The question is actually confusing because there is no valid proof. Once hormone therapy is started, there is no going back. Although some people stopped it. Noticing, their periods, the voice started to return somewhat like before but not fully. But facial hair, baldness, and clitoris growth cannot be prevented.

When a transgender man would like to start hormone therapy, they should ask about the side effects of taking testosterone therapy and also the detransitioning. Some guys are really confused about their life. We don’t blame them. But we think Hormone Therapy is a time when you are mentally ready for female to male transition. Otherwise, you may regret it after some months or years of hormone therapy.

There are huge transgender men who didn’t take testosterone therapy because of medical conditions. They are still men. You don’t need hormones to be a man. A man who can still love their body by thinking he is completely man. Resources of Various Hormone Therapy Side Effects.

What Chances Will You Notice In Testosterone Therapy?

  • Facial Hairs
  • Body Hairs
  • Deepening of Voice.
  • Tiredness.
  • Mood Swings.
  • Breasts Enlargement and pains.
  • Clitoris Growth
  • Acne, Pimples.
  • Boost Sexual Activity.
  • Boost Self Confidence.
  • Depression.
  • Pain or discomfort in the injection area.
  • Can’t move arms or facial muscles.

What will be happened if you stop hormone therapy?

  • Periods may be back again (if you didn’t hysterotomy).
  • Decreasing boosts sexual activity.

Please note: Some changes can’t be reversed such as clitoris growth, voice deepening, facial hairs, etc.

Some trans guys would like to visible their masculine growth but due to medical conditions, they can’t take hormone therapy. Some guys may be facing health issues after taking hormone therapy. If you face the issue, you should go to your endocrinologist for a medical checkup.

Sharing a story of a transgender man or mine:

One day I visited my senior teacher and he said some of us start de-transitioning after some months. I said my teacher that I’m confident about what I’m and what I’m going to be. I’ll never do it because I’m loving hormone therapy. It gives my life back. I don’t angry about what he said. I’m sad because of some guys. They may start their transition for family reasons but it shouldn’t be. Your body can react in the wrong way. So, our humble request to the new trans guys that please be sure before taking the hormone therapy procedure.

Testosterone therapy is a long-term procedure and It’s a lifetime procedure. Be brave and confident enough to take testosterone therapy. The female to male transition includes the relief of becoming the best version of yourself, body transformation, changing lifestyle in a new way, depression and anxiety, and good things about to know both lifestyles.

We shouldn’t regret what we are doing. It’s the happiness of most transmen’s life. Enjoy the process of female-to-male transitioning.

Thank you. We shared what we knew through google suggestions and otter websites.

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