Beginning Guidelines for a Transgender male / Trans man

Do you find any guidelines for trans man beginning? Here are the full details A-Z Guidelines for a Transgender male/ trans man. Click the above link ?

When you come out as a male from your female body, It’s called trans man. At first, you go to the mirror that tells ” What should I do?” If your mind tells It’s not your hobby, it’s you and your dream. Then go for it. First, you tell your parents, brother, sisters, about it & tell your feelings. If they agreed with your decision, then you can undergo SRS surgery. Or if they don’t agree, then you have to arrange money by hard work.   

Guidelines for Transman beginners

Female to male Surgery is a long time process. You have to mentally prepared for this. If you aren’t prepared mentality, then you can’t do this. 

At first, you have to go to the Psychiatrist & Endocrinologist for getting testosterone hormones. If you have a large breast or you don’t like your breast, you can bind your breasts by using binders. Further om the beginning, trans men use the following information. Pin it your browser if you need daily updates.

Binder for Trans man

Binder is a good option for FTM guys. Some trans men before the transaction use binders for binding their chest. The binder helps trans man a lot. Without the binder, some people are handling depression. Before top surgery, the trans men use binders for their safety in public. You can buy or see ? Best Binder for trans man

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STP Packers for Transman

STP packer is a device. A device which enables the user to stand to pee in public toilets or washroom. Trans man uses STP packers in washrooms. Trans man uses this for their safety. You can buy stp packers in online. We suggest you see ? Best Cheap STP Packers

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Hormones Therapy (HRT)

The hormones therapist give you a prescription where he/she reffed to inject the prescribed hormones mg. For starting, the therapist says to you to inject 100 mg on two weeks basis. Hormones therapy helps to stop your periods. Don’t buy online without a doctor’s suggestion. All objects have their own side effects. So be careful. Don’t take anything without a doctor’s suggestion.  

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