Female to Male Hysterectomy Recovery – First Stage of MLD Phalloplasty

Starting my transition is becoming a blessing for me. I am happy without any regrets. When I started the FTM transition in 2019, it was difficult to come out to my friends and family. I was confident about my identity but was also nervous about how to start it alone. But you know I’m now can do everything by myself.

I was a part-time freelancer before starting my transition. I choose full-time freelancing to save money for my surgeries. As I know it requires almost $14,000 (12 lacs in Indian rupees) to complete my full transition. I’m a person who always thinks about completing my surgery whatever the pain is!

I had top surgery on 25 March 2021 – after 6 months of testosterone therapy. After top surgery, I had no jobs because I didn’t take new jobs during the recovery. It takes a year for a full recovery. I did small jobs and started writing for some articles for this time. Then I started writing for Axolom about transman life and share some guidelines on how a transman starts hormone therapy, packing tips, etc.

I have also generated a few commissions in the year 2020 – 2023 as website & hosting costs are so expensive. Commissions helped me to bear the present costs and surgery savings. I decided to go for Hysterectomy and Metoidioplasty or Phalloplasty. I check out various surgeons in India because I can’t bear high surgery costs. I marked three surgeons for Phalloplasty and 1 surgeon for metoidioplasty. Me and my three friends decided to go for the same surgeon. We went to Bangalore in July 2023. The first urologist we met hadn’t shared results with us. He said for privacy reasons but then he shared it upon our request. The results were not expected and we thought it might be copied from Google.

Then we met Madhusudan G from a friend’s reference who had already had MLD phalloplasty. He was a humble and very experienced plastic surgeon. He told us how he operates his phalloplasty. He successfully operates 10-12 mld phalloplasty surgeries. The friend who referred the surgeon had the MLD phalloplasty first stage (he hadn’t had vaginectomy, or any urine connection but had a Hysterectomy). His result is good enough to choose the surgeon. I decided for surgery in 2022 but had some issues regarding my passport.

The surgeon told us the first stage would be Hysterectomy, Vaginectomy and urethra lengthening. Then the second stage will be Penis creation. The third stage will be the urine connection from the phallus.

I had decided on him for the first stage of MLD phalloplasty. My surgery date was 27 July but I had 26 July because someone’s surgery was cancelled. So, I didn’t wait 1 day to have surgery. I was admitted on 25 July and the 26th was my surgery.

My First Stage was

  • Hysterectomy
  • Vaginetomy
  • Uretha Lengthening

My gyno surgeon was Dr. Soumyalaxmi operated on the Hysterectomy and vaginectomy and Dr. Madhusudan G operated on the urethra lengthening from Libia major. My surgery time was 12-13 hours. It was 9 am when the doctor started the surgery and it was 10/11 pm when they were taken out of the operation theatre. My mother was waiting outside of the OT. She was crying and praying for me. None of my friends was staying with my mother at that time. They come before taking out from the OT. A sister was staying at that time and a friend who was a receptionist(she operated international patient sector) was staying sometimes with my mother. When I heard after coming from my surgery, I understood how the friends were! But anyway, nobody will help you in your time. My surgery procedure costs around $3000 (less 260000 rupees). They promised me to give a twin sharing room and I got a private room which was fine for me. They discharged me on 29 July(4 days after surgery).

I had very little pain in the bottom because of the new connection of urine which is called urethra lengthening. The hospital (Aster CMI Hospital) staff takes care of a lot. The main issue starts 2 days after the discharge from my surgery. I started bleeding from the new urethra. I never heard of this situation. Some people say it because of Hysterectomy surgery. Some people have faced the issue after Hysterectomy. For me it’s very new. So, I started asking friends if it had happened to them. But none have faced the issue. The smell of the blood was like a period. So, I thought it would go away after 4-5 days. But it takes 14-15 days. The friend who had MLD phalloplasty said it may be because of vaginotomy.

My Experience with Dr. Madhusudan G sir.

  • Very Trans Friendly Doctor I’ve ever met.
  • He gives us the lesson of a transgender man’s life(he said surgery is not everything. First, decide why you think of phalloplasty. STP, surgery For your wife or anything else).
  • Never forced for surgery.
  • Very clear and humble.
  • Very kind to his patients.

My Experience with Dr. Soumyalaxmi mam.

  • Very Friendly.
  • Always available in case of much pain.

The advantage or disadvantage of Hysterectomy Recovery – First Stage of MLD Phalloplasty


  1. Reduce the bottom dysphoria.
  2. Can talk anywhere without STP packing.
  3. Can pass the urine.


  1. 14-15 days Bleeding.
  2. Discomfort for bleeding.
  3. Feel some pain from the catheter.
  4. Feel some itching sometimes that my hand can’t reach.

I asked it to Facebook groups but none answered correctly. Some people also discussed bleeding after vaginotomy stage. So, I think it was happened for vaginectomy or Hysterectomy. Now it’s December 22 and I’m 5 months post Hysterectomy. I feel my bottom dysphoria is now very low. Yeah, I also feel sometimes about if I have a penis. But I will wait a few years for it. My age is now 25 and I have now times. I’m planning for phallus creation after my marriage. Because I saw how my mother feel if I went for surgery.

I’ve no sensation in my clitoris. It feels like it is just a skin. Then I start feeling my clitoris after 30 days of my surgery. I feel I have back my sensation again. My surgery went well and I’m thankful to my surgeons and lord Krishna. Somehow he always takes care like his child.

Many people want to go Female to Male Hysterectomy surgery but the costs are so high in other countries. So, you can go to Bangalore. The hospital was Aster CMI Hospital. The surgeon was busy always. So, you might be wait 4-6 days to get the surgery date. Before surgery, you should discuss about the surgery details. The surgery costs might be difficult for international patients. Use my reference – Piyash (surgeon may ask you how you get my information). I used my friend’s reference when surgeon asked.

Female to Male Hysterectomy Recovery - First Stage of MLD Phalloplasty

For International patients the cost will be

  • First Stage of MLD Phalloplasty – Total $3300-$4000(Includes Hospital stay)
  1. Hysterectomy
  2. Vaginetomy
  3. Uretha Lengthening
  • Second Stage of MLD Phalloplasty – Total $4300 – $5500
  1. Creation of Phallus
  • Third Stage of MLD Phalloplasty – Unknown ($1000 or less)
  1. Urethral Connection(Connection of urine to new phallus)

Aster CMI Hospital was very friendly for patients. Not only me but for all the patients are happy with their service. I’m satisfied.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope you’ll read a unique experience. Wish you good luck.

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