What is LGBTQ?

Transgender is a part of the LGBTQ community. But what is the LGBTQ full meaning? The full form of LGBTQ is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queers, etc.

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What is Lesbian?

A girl who loves a girl is called a lesbian. The short form is Lesbo. Sometimes a girl who feels her attraction to other girls. Most probably a girl will perform/play a role as a tomboy. They use dildo/plastic dick for their sexual intercourse. Some lesbian couple loves each other very emotionally. They don’t care about physical appearance.

What is gay?
What is Gay

A boy who loves a boy is called gay. Generally, a boy who is attracted to another boy. Being gay is a natural thing. Everyone has their own sexuality.

What is bisexual? 

The person who is not related or call natural gender is call bisexual. Basically, they are not included in men or women. They attract both genders such as man, women both. 

What is Transgender? 

A person who thinks she/he trapped in the wrong body. Transman & Transwomen are including in this term.

Transman: A person born in a female body but thinks he is trapped in a wrong body & behaves as a male person. For this, they need hormone treatment & gender reassignment surgery (GRS) / Sex reassignment surgery (SRS). After surgery, they have a look like a male. Transman can be attracted to a girl or a boy. When his sexual interest for a boy is called a gay. Most of the cases transmen have an interest in girls.  Read the article about how to come out as a trans man

– Transwomen:   A person who born in a male body but thinks trapped a wrong body, emotionally fells they trapped a wrong boy & behaves As a female. For this, they need hormone treatment & gender reassignment surgery (GRS) / Sex reassignment surgery (SRS). It is also called gender correction surgery. After surgery, they have a look like a female. Most of the cases they attract to a boy or transman. Sometimes they have an interest in both genders. Read more about trans women history.

[ The person who thinks trapped in the wrong body but they scared for having surgery or they don’t go for SRS surgery. They are called the transgender. ] 

What is Queer? Queer is known as the whole community. All LGBTQ community in including in Queer.

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