How you know you are a lesbian?

When a girl sexually & emotionally attracts or loves a girl, they will call lesbian. Lesbian is not a mental disease. It’s very natural.

God made us. He/she knows better than anyone. So, never hesitate about being lesbian. A person can love anybody. So, you can love anybody.

Being lesbian is natural?
Yes, Lesbian is not a mental disease. It’s very common & natural.

How you know you are a lesbian?

Are you looking for some information about how to know you are a lesbian? Then click the article and find out all the answers about lesbians. Read more about what is LGBTQ?

It’s difficult to say it. At the age of 13/14, you can feel it. Sometimes you can feel it later. Most of the cases a girl comes out as a lesbian at the age of 15. She feels interested in their female friends.

When she knows that ” she is a lesbian “, she doesn’t ready to accept the truth. After some years she accepts the truth. In western culture, it is very common


How to tell your girlfriend that you are a lesbian?

If you have any girlfriend whom you love the most & she also likes you. Then you should talk to her about your interest. If she loves you, she will accept you. If she rejects you, you will leave her on that topic. Don’t force her to love you. Love can’t be done by forcing anyone.

Can I propose my girlfriend on Valentine Day ?

Yes, you can. If you think she accepts you, then you can propose her. You can plan for a romantic valentine’s day.

Can a straight girl be a lesbian?

No, never. A straight person can’t be lesbian or gay. lesbian can’t be straight. Everyone has different sexual performance.

How to find lesbian girlfriend?

You are a girl & you are interested to a girl. You need a girlfriend. For that, you have to meet lots of girls. From there one girl can like you or maybe not.

I’m a lesbian, I like a girl. She doesn’t like me. What should I do?

At first you are a human. If you are lesbian, interest in a girl but she doesn’t like you, then you should leave her. Because love can’t force anybody. So leave & find another.

How to tell your parents that you are a lesbian?

If your parents haven’t any idea about lesbians, then you would n’t tell them fastly. It will bad for you. At first, you can show some lesbian/gay stories. When you realized they can accept you, then you tell them about your sexual orientation. Otherwise, they will force you to marry a guy.

What is the difference between lesbian vs trans man?

Trans man means who is born in a female body and identified as a male and gender orientation is transsexual. On the other hand, a lesbian who born in a female body, identified as a female and her sexual orientation is homosexual. So, they are totally different.

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