How Trans Can Fundraising For Top-Surgery and Other Medical Procedure

The article is specially written for a transgender medical transaction. We understand your feelings of yours and we respect it and always we are with you buddies.

A trans man and trans women’s life aren’t easy. They faced many problems such as social, physical, funds, etc. When a trans man is coming out finally after a lot of barriers, they are facing the money problem. Because of money, they can’t start their medical transaction. From female to male medical transformation, it requires 10,000-250000$. That is huge. Some insurance company covers it but some aren’t. For them, It’s very hard, you know. For male to female transaction, it requires 30,000-250,000$.

Today we’ll discuss top surgery funds for transgenders.

What is Top surgery?

Top surgery means the upper part of the human body. The term ” Top Surgery for trans man” means the removal of breasts and skin tissue. In this way, a trans man’s chest will look like flatten. On the other hand, the term ” Top Surgery for trans women” means the implementation of breasts.

Fundraising For Top-Surgery

Like top surgery and medical transformation, a trans guy needed a lot of money. On the other hand, some insurance company covers it but sometimes we need some money for starting the transaction. You can Fundraising For Top-Surgery by gofundme and other alternative sites.

There are several options to raise your money such as fundraising websites, doing a job, reviewing FTM products for money, etc. You can start your own blog and submit us. We’ll share the blog site with other trans men.

After top surgery, trans men wish to have hsystromy. Because there is some pain in the bottom part that is unexpected. By removing the urethra and ovaries, the pain gets relief. Before a medical procedure, you can talk about which insurance company the surgeon and hospital support.

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If you wish to have phalloplasty surgery or metoidioplasty surgery, then you have to bear 2000$-10,000$ for meta and 30,000$-150,000$ for phalloplasty. If your insurance company covers the cost, then you haven’t pay anything. Some trans guys didn’t pay anything this way.

Surgery is an option of getting something that we thought but It’s not mandatory to be a trans. A trans man is still a man. A penis or dick can’t decide what you are. Remember, the dick is actually used for urinating, sex, and birth control. Not all the trans guys feel bottom dysphoria. If you haven’t any bottom dysphoria, then you shouldn’t go for bottom surgery. It’s a very painful surgery.

We’ll update a phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, top surgery surgeons, and results. If you wish to go visit the Phalloplasty page, you will click: Phalloplasty Surgeons & Results ( we’ll update a link)

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