Female to Male Surgery Costs in The USA, India, UK

A trans man is a part of the transgender community.

About Trans man: When a person was born in a female body but emotionally thinks that he is a man who is trapped in the wrong body. It is called ” Gender Dysphoria ” or Gender Identity Dysphoria. For this, they go for their SRS Surgery. SRS means sex reassignment surgery.

At first, you have to visit a Psychiatrist or a psychologist who will do your check-up. If everything is alright, they will give you little documents about gender dysphoria & suggest you visit an endocrinologist for hormone replacement therapy ( HRT). The endocrinologist will give you a hormone injection after checking your body. If you are fit, he will inject your testosterone. The testosterone helps you to feel manly. 

The total cost of FTM surgery is different for different countries.

Female To Male Surgery Cost

Female to Male Surgery Costs in The USA, India, UK

Nowadays sex reassignment surgery is risk-free and costly. It has several parts of the surgery process. Now we are showing you valuable information about Female To Male Surgery cost.

FTM Surgery cost in United States is around 10,000$ – 50,000$. Top Surgery: 3000$ for the Keyhole or 8k$-10k$ for the double incision.  Bottom Surgery: 10,000$ – 200,000$ for Metoidioplasty and 20,000-50,000$ for Phalloplasty. It depends on the Doctor’s fees.

FTM Surgery cost in the United Kingdom is around 10,000$ – 90,000$. Top Surgery: 6000$ for Keyhole or 10,000$ for the double incision. Bottom Surgery in the UK is 10,000$-30,000$ for Metoidioplasty or 20,000-50,000 for Phalloplasty. It depends on the Doctor’s fees.      

Female To Male Surgery cost in India

FTM Surgery cost in India is around 6,00,000 rs – 10,00,000 rs (12,000 US Dollars) Top Surgery cost in India is 1,00,000 rupees for Keyhole or 1,50,000 rupees for a double incision.  Bottom Surgery cost in India is 5,00,000 rs for Metoidioplasty(including removal of Uterus and Ovaries (Hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy), Vaginal removal, Urethral extension, Scrotoplasty)  or 9,00,000 for Phalloplasty (include removal of Uterus and Ovaries (Hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy), Vaginal removal, Urethral extension, Scrotoplasty).  It depends on the Doctor’s fees.

There are too many surgery processes. We describe the process bellow.FTM Surgery is included in top surgery & bottom surgery.   Top surgery can be done after 1 year of hormone therapy. If you want top surgery before hormones, it can be done. Tell your doctors what you need. 

Top Surgery

     Top Surgery: Top surgery means breast removal surgery. There are two types. 1 – Keyhole. 2- Double Incision   

Top Surgery Keyhole: The procedure is only for small breasts. It is practically scarless (keyhole). It is a 1 to 2-hour procedure and is done with a tumescent liposuction technique removing the fat and gland through keyholes.   

FTM Double Incision:  The procedure is for large breasts, which along with liposuction, the gland is removed. The extra skin is removed and the nipple-areola complex is created with a full-thickness graft.  

Bottom Surgery

FTM Bottom Surgery has many parts. So we made another page about FTM Bottom Surgery that may help you to get full bottom surgery details.

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Female to male surgery full video

Some Q n A      

Can I take testosterone before top surgery? 

Yes, You can. At first, phycologist suggests you inject testosterone first. It’s your choice.   

Can I do top surgery before testosterone? 

Yes, You can. Some people are growing up with large breasts. So they feel uncomfortable with it. So you can undergo top surgery before taking hormones.   

Can testosterone help to grow bread? 

Yes, Testosterone helps to grow your hairs in the mouth & legs, etc.            

Can testosterone change the voice? 

Yes, Testosterone helps to change your voice. Normally it takes 3-5 months. In some cases, it takes 1 year to change voice.      

Can a trans man give birth to a baby?

Yes, you may hear about pregnant trans man. If the trans man doesn’t remove their vagina, he can give birth to a baby. So, a trans man can be pregnant.  

Can I date a trans man? 

Yes, you can. Some straight women fall in love with a transman. Love has no genders. So, you can date with a transman.    

Can a trans man be gay?

Yes, trans man gay means transman who fall in love with other transman or other male is called trans man gay. So, transmen can be gay.   

Can straight women date an FTM transman? 

Yes, She can. If the transman has an interest in her, she can make a relationship with the trans man. It is not a big deal. There are lots of women who love a trans man.    

What is the meaning of Trans man? 

A person born in a female body but attitude & mind like a male.   

What is the pronoun of a trans man? 

He/him / his  

In case of support from trans health care, you can check the TransHealth website.

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